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How to Deal with an Itchy Scalp after a Hair Transplant?

Published on May 21, 2022
How to Deal with an Itchy Scalp after a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure. Like every other post-operative situation, hair transplant patients to undergo a certain recovery period. If you’re undergoing a hair transplant in India, Saraswat Hospital in Agra is one of the best hair transplant clinics

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5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Published on May 18, 2022
5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Hair Transplant Surgery

Estimates say more than 50% of men suffer from some type of hair loss condition in their lifetime. Hair loss can be caused by several factors such as hereditary, stress, hormonal imbalance, medications side-effects, etc.  For those who suffer from

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Can a 22 Year Old have a Hair Transplant in India?

Published on January 27, 2022
Is Hair Transplant Recommended for a 22 Year Old

Hair loss can happen to both men and women at any age. There are certainly many young adults who suffer from severe hair loss problems. The easiest solution for anyone who is 21 years old or above is to opt

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Which Fruits are Best to Stop Hair Fall? Answered by Best Hair Loss Treatment Doctor in India

Published on January 18, 2022
Which Fruits are Best to Stop Hair Fall

Losing your hair prematurely can put a big dent in someone’s confidence. It goes more than just looks; your hair gives you a sense of identity. Hair fall is a serious concern faced by many young men and women. Androgenetic

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Can You Lose Hair because of Covid-19? – Hair Loss Treatment in Agra

Published on December 15, 2021
Hair Transplant India

The majority of people throughout the world suffer from hair loss for a reason or another. Apart from genetic and hormonal reasons, it can occur due to stress, exposure to pollution, and certain medical conditions, which brings us to COVID-19.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Hair Transplant?

Published on November 4, 2021
Are There Any Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

When it comes to genetic hair loss, a hair transplant surgery is undoubtedly the best solution that offers natural results permanently. However, even though the surgery is very safe and simple, some people are still scared to undergo the procedure,

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Can Hair Transplants Go Wrong? – Can Repair Hair Transplant in India Help?

Published on November 1, 2021
Can Repair Hair Transplant in India Help

A hair transplant surgery is a perfect solution to genetic hair loss because the procedure uses the patient’s own hair follicles from their donor area to ensure natural-looking permanent results. However, even though very rare, people have experienced their hair

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Do Hair Transplants Leave Scars?

Published on October 22, 2021
Does a Hair Transplant Surgery Leave Scars

Hair transplant is one of the safest surgeries and the most preferable option when it comes to dealing with genetic hair loss. However, every cosmetic surgery out there, no matter how simple and minor it is, involves having minimal scars,

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Is Undergoing One Hair Transplant Surgery Enough for a Lifetime?

Published on August 20, 2021
Is Undergoing One Hair Transplant Surgery Enough for a Lifetime

If we take a look at people, one of the most crucial parts of appearance is a person’s hair. Since genetic hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia) is a pretty common form of balding and hair thinning for men and women, gravitating

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What Should You do After Undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery?

Published on July 21, 2021
Top Rules to Follow Post a Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is an aesthetic procedure that renders permanent results. However, this is also an outpatient procedure where the patient is allowed to go home immediately after the surgery once the effects of the local anaesthesia start to slow

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