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Stretchmarks India


The marks can happen to almost any one, fat or thin, man or woman, old or young. Teenagers are at a high risk of developing stretch marks.


These marks can appear absolutely anywhere in the body. Usually they appear where there is a large storage of fat like abdomen, breast, thigh, arms, etc. They do not imply any harmful or danger to the health condition and are not a reason to panic.

Firstly they appear as purplish or reddish lines and then later on, they fade and become lighter. The skin in that region becomes extra soft.


The following are the ways of prevention.

  1. Avoid rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss. For this do not change your appetite very abruptly. In case you want to lose weight, try doing it in the natural and a slow manner.
  2. Use good moisturizer for the skin and 2-3 times apply it gently all over the body and especially on the more delicate regions.
  3. During pregnancy visit a doctor and start using an anti stretch mark cream. This will prevent the problem from occurring later on.

Treating stretch marks

Stretch marks often are not noticeable and ordinarily fade over time.
If you have stretch marks that affect an oversized of your body, or if you are upset they look unsightly, there are a few treatment options available.

Cosmetic camouflage (make-up) is obtainable over-the-counter at pharmacies and can be used for small areas of skin affected by stretch marks. Some types are waterproof and can keep in place for two to three days.

Creams, gels and lotions
The makers of creams, gels and lotions typically claim that they can remove stretch marks.

These products are essentially skin moisturisers and are available from pharmacies, supermarkets, and health and beauty shops.

It’s recommended that you apply these products when your stretch marks are still red or violet. However, it’s unlikely that these treatments can stop stretch marks occurring, or make them fade any more significantly than they will with time alone.

Laser therapy

Laser medical care cannot fully take away stretch marks, but it may help fade them and make them less noticeable.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery for stretch marks is costly and rarely recommended.

If you have stretch marks on your tummy (abdomen) and an outsized quantity of loose skin, it’s better to have an operation known as an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

The procedure removes excess fat and skin from your abdomen, and also gets rid of stretch marks below your belly button.

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