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Wart is a tumor which is usually small and rough. Though warts can grow on any parts of the body but typically it grows on hands and feet. It is just like a solid blister. It can spread by touching the person who is already having warts. It may transfer to another person if anyone is in close contact with the warts. It can also spread by using the objects like towel and other thing of the person who is already having warts. It may grow on genitals, on skin, mouth and the rectal area. Especially the warts on the genitals are contagious and can easily be passed to other person during vaginal, anal and oral sex. Usually warts don’t cause any problem, they are totally harmless. They differ from moles. They don’t cause any pain or itching. In the face, warts can be spread by shaving.

Warts on the rest of the body are not so much contagious as the warts on the genital area. Usually warts spread through the cracks in your skin like scrape. Warts easily spread on your finger tips by biting your nails.

Sometimes warts take many months to disappear and sometimes they disappear on its own. The warts which do not disappear on their own require some remedies.

Wart Surgery Agra1. Topical creams

Topical creams are readily available in pharmacies. You can buy them provided you have a prescription coming from the doctor. However, there are some topical creams that can burn the skin since some of its ingredients are quite acidic.

2. Laser Treatment

Laser treatments can be done within minutes or depending on the gravity of the virus. It may also require local anesthesia since the procedure will be painful. The only set back to this is the cost and it has a longer time to heal. There is also a high possibility of scarring and infections to other individuals because of the plume that is being dispersed during the treatment.

3. Cryotherapy

This treatment freezes the warts using liquid nitrogen as the main probe to treat the disease.

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