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Skin Rejuvenation Packages India

Skin Rejuvenation Packages Day of Consultation

Cosmoworld Clinics (Saraswat Hospital) under its “clear skin – healthy hair” program provides FREE SKIN ANALYSIS through DERMASCOPE by our established clinical cosmetologist Dr Preeti Saraswat.

A computerized analysis grades your skin and thus defines the areas and extent of treatment. There may be multiple problems and so we may also customize your treatment accordingly as a multimodality care with special top-ups.

Treatment Day 1

Your treatment starts on the first day of your consultation. In case you wait for sometime, you may relax with a complimentary drink and snack with our free Wi-Fi services and a good reading stuff if you are a reading bug.

Your initial sitting will provide you a premium chemical or enzyme peel or a microdermabrasion or a carbon laser facial peel. Before your procedure we always cleanse your treatment area thoroughly and after the procedure we apply a soothing face mask.

We would be prescribing you some home care products to take care of your skin till your next visit which may be a fortnight or a month later depending on your initial procedure.

Improvements in skin texture and brightness may be observed with a single treatment. However, a series of six chemical peels or other skin care procedures are usually necessary to achieve more marked improvements in skin smoothness, reduction of hyper pigmentation, fine lines, oiliness, and acne.

Treatment Day 2

On the day of your next visit, after your welcome drink (with a little snack if you wish) you would be taken for your second procedure which would be a chemical peel of pre-determined category as per your treatment protocol. Likewise pre procedure cleansing would be immaculate and post procedure face mask would be cool.

Treatment Days 3, 4, 5 and 6

The protocols decided for you at the time of consultation will be followed. If any changes in the procedural modalities or timings or any other thing is to be done you will be communicated accordingly.

Maintenance sittings may be offered at discounted rates if required.

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