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Long Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Hair transplant can be considered as one of the most reliable methods used to provide a permanent solution to Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic hair loss) for men and women across age groups. Performed majorly in two ways – Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair transplant surgery, is all about extracting healthy hair follicles from one part of the scalp and implanting them to the balding site.

At Saraswat Hospital, our hair transplant team is led by two of the finest ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) certified surgeons – Dr Satya Kumar Saraswat and Dr Preeti Saraswat who strive to provide customized treatment plans based on the patient’s condition and requirements, thereby making it the best long hair transplant clinic in India.

Why Opt for Preview Long Hair Transplant in Agra?

Since hair transplant surgery revolves around extracting healthy follicles from the donor area of the scalp and then implanting them to the recipient area, it often involves shaving off the head. While this might be a problem for a lot of people, it is especially hard for women who suffer from post-burn Alopecia and want instant visible results out of the procedure. At Saraswat Hospital thus, we provide a treatment known as preview long hair transplant in Agra. In this method, we transplant grafts with a long hair shaft.

When the follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp and then implanted in the other, the skin dries up and creates a scab. The short hair shaft and the dried place, together, within a few weeks, leave a bear scalp until new hair completely grows in the area. This process might end up taking 6 months to a year. Through a long hair transplant, the results are visible instantly, and the patient is able to see a visible hairline right after the procedure.

This way, the patients who visit a long hair transplant clinic in India with the hopes of a successful surgery, is able to see a preview of the final results during and after the procedure. The hair seen on the scalp immediately post-treatment, however, are temporary, and often come off with the scabs within a few weeks. But, by that time, the growth of new hair has started, and you will be able to see permanent hair growth in no time. This process is often combined with non-surgical treatments such as scalp micropigmentation (cosmetic hair tattooing) to give the illusion of a fuller head till the time you have recovered completely.

Since this procedure requires patience and precision, it is always handled by top-notch surgeons to get the best results. At Saraswat Hospital, our doctors have over 17 years of experience in the field and strive to use the latest technologies to provide the best results to the patient without any side effects. The one thing you need to note here is that the procedure is not suitable for those who suffer from extreme cases of balding and don’t have enough follicles in their donor area to work with. Our doctors always take the patient through a series of routine examinations, blood tests, and a thorough computerized software-based Trichoscopy Analysis to ensure that the patient gets the best care and natural results with a quicker recovery time.

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