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Many people lose massive amounts of weight, with diet or exercise or bariatric surgery, and are left with loose sagging skin in various parts of their bodies.

Generally this looseness is around face, chin, arms, breast, abdomen, back and thighs.

Depending on the loose skin Cosmetic procedures are needed either alone or more commonly as combination of multiple procedures to correct it.

These procedures are

  1. Facelift
  2. Necklift
  3. Armlift (Brachioplasty)
  4. Breast lift (Mastopexy) with either Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction
  5. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  6. Back Lift
  7. Thigh Lift

Each of them is a major procedure and are generally categorised as Upper, Mid or Lower Body Lift depending on the procedure.

Dr. Satya Saraswat individually assesses the problem and recommends the solution to it.

A few procedures are described for the benefit of the reader for better comprehension:

Monsplasty: Correction of mons ptosis and fullness is a necessary adjunct to abdominal contouring in a high percentage of MWL (Massive Weight Loss) patients. The mons can be thinned to match upper abdomen and elevate using suture to restore a youthful contour. Failure to correct the mons during an abdominoplasty or lower body lift can lead to an unsatisfactory result, despite adequate correction of the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. In order to properly reshape this region, two specific steps are contemplated. One consideration is for the suspension of tissues to the abdominal fascia. The second consideration is reduction of the thickness of the mons.

Lower Body Lift: Correction of the abdomen alone is often not enough to restore appropriate contour for many MWL patients. Procedures have been devised to correct the entire lower body unit including the lower body lift, belt lipectomy, and circumferential torsoplasty. Further enhancements of outcomes have resulted from autologous augmentation of the buttocks with lower body lift procedure. Fat can be preserved from the posterior resection based on gluteal artery perforators, deepithelialized and rotated into pockets over the gluteal muscles to give shape to a region that otherwise becomes flattened with routine lift procedures. For the abdomen, the fleur-de-lis can be added concomitantly if laxity remains in the horizontal vector.

The circumferential body lift is a very powerful operation, allowing correction of the abdomen, lateral thighs, and buttocks in a single stage.

Vertical thigh lift: The medial thighs present many technical challenges for the plastic surgeon. Patients with significant skin laxity on both medial and lateral thighs can rarely be treated satisfactorily with a single procedure. A vertical thighplasty will impact on the medial thighs and decrease leg circumference while leaving notable deformities on the lateral thighs untouched.

A majority of MWL(massive weight loss) patients will require both lower body lift and vertical thighplasty to achieve a complete aesthetic correction of the thighs. It is preferable to stage lower body lift and vertical thighplasty with the lower body lift serving as the initial ‘cornerstone’ procedure. This is beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. The lower body lift especially when done with the abdominoplasty will have a greater impact on the patient’s body shape and lead to an immediate improvement in body image.
  2. The lower body lift will tend to relax over time, allowing the thigh tissues to rotate inferiorly and mediallyDr. Satya, Saraswat Hospital Agra is of the view that the patient may have a much more arduous recovery if the procedures are performed together. So it has to be finally the patients call.
  3. Performing both procedures together can be taxing on the surgeon.


Brachioplasty best exemplifies a trade off of skin skin for scar. The scar from a brachioplasty is very prominent and visible. Moreover this scar can stay thick and red for many months before maturing and becoming less noticeable.

Dr. Satya at our centre at Agra performs brachioplasty as an isolated procedure too, although many MWL patients choose to combine brachioplasty with other body contouring procedures.

Complications inherent to Body contouring after MWL

Complications with body contouring procedures consists of wound healing and seroma. A host of less common complications are seen in the patients including infection, bleeding, skin necrosis and thrombotic complications.

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