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The information provided on the website https://www.saraswathospital.com/ is for information purpose only and should not be considered something that would guarantee an outcome. This, however, cannot be taken as an alternative to a doctor’s advice. We take all the efforts to keep the content on the website updated at all times.

We do not, anyhow, confirm that the content is up-to-date and doesn’t contain any sort of typographical errors or, inaccuracy.

No one, including the ones who are in our care, should use the tools, resources, or information on the website to self-treat any condition. We shall not be held responsible for any adverse effects if you use the information for self-diagnosis.

When you give us all the details about your medical query, you have an assigned case manager who shares the same with the hospital/surgeon/doctor and ensures that the same information is conveyed to you with utmost urgency. The line of treatment, however, would be according to what the surgeon decides, keeping in mind the information sent to us by you.

It is crucial to know that when you go for the actual treatment, it might be very different from what you get when the surgeon examines you face-to-face. If we send you any information via e-mail, it should not be treated as a final medical advice, and you must visit the hospital for a personal consultation.

We, at Saraswat Hospital, offer you online booking for medical facilities well in advance so that there are no inconveniences when it comes to your India medical tour. You are requested to fill in the below-mentioned form with all details such as your name, date of journey, address, number of persons, and the others we might need to book a room.

Make sure that the information you have entered in the contact form is error-free. This would enable us to provide you with the best of services. If at all you have any sort of doubts regarding this entire process or have any difficulty regarding the same; get in touch with us immediately.

  • The services of our website, https://www.saraswathospital.com/, do not have warranties of any kind, implied or express, including, but not limited to. These, other than the ones that are incapable of exclusion, restriction, or modification of the laws applied to this agreement.
  • In no ways would Saraswat Hospital be involved in the creation, distribution, reproduction of the website, or the software. We would also not be held liable for any sort of damage caused without direct or indirect limitation to the damages that have arisen out of the ability or inability to use the website. We also acknowledge that the provisions mentioned in this particular sector would be applied to all the content mentioned on https://www.saraswathospital.com/

Any surgery is an extremely serious proposition and it requires an intense consultation, forethought and deliberation. At Saraswat Hospital, we apprehend that every surgery has its importance and thus we treat our patients with professionalism and care.

In no ways shall Saraswat Hospital be held responsible for any damage or loss you might suffer, in case you visit any third party from the website and take their services.

As a hospital, we are extremely sensitive towards the necessities of each patient and all the surgeries performed by us are by experienced and knowledgeable surgeons. We, however, encourage you to always be updated about the procedures before you confirm anything.

In any situation you would want any further information about the topic, we request you to fill up the contact form with all your details. Saraswat Hospital assures you that everything will be arranged and ably taken care of.

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