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Hand Surgery India

Till a few decades back, Hand Trauma & it’s surgery was most neglected part of trauma.
Hand Surgery needs a team approach & special skillset. It needs knowledge about dealing with Trauma to Bone, Tendon, Nerves & Blood vessels.

Saraswat Hospital offers surgical treatment for hand injuries and problems such as

Hand Infections:
Hand infections which may be acute or chronic are treated at Saraswat Hospital. Common infections are Cellulitis, Abscess, Tenosynovitis, Necrotising fasciitis, Nail Bed Infections, Palmar Space infections, Tuberculosis of hand are commonly seen infections in hand.

Congenital Abnormalities (Hand Abnormalities since birth):
The most common hand problems in infants are syndactyly (webbed fingers) and polydactyly (extra fingers). In all pediatric hand surgeries PERFORMED at Saraswat Hospital, Agra atraumatic techniques (causing no tissue damage) are used under Zeiss Microscope and Fine Instruments from Germany.

Tendon Injury:
Both Acute & Chronic Flexor and Extensor Tendon Injury are treated under Tendon injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a compression neuropathy that occurs due to the compression of the median nerve wherever it passes through a narrow area called the carpal tunnel at wrist area. The symptoms include numbness within the thumb, index, and middle fingers particularly at night or upon waking up in the morning. It is treated by releasing the constriction by minimal access surgery.

Few other common compression neuropathies are Compression of Ulnar Nerve, Radial nerve and Thoracic Outlet compression.

Microsurgery (for finger deformities)
Replantation of a single finger or multiple fingers are often done through surgical procedure. In case of multiple finger amputation, one or more fingers can be replanted in a manner that it will allow functioning of the hand. Replantation surgery is followed by rehabilitative physiotherapy for hand.

Brachial Plexus Surgery: Brachial Plexus are bunch of nerves connecting brain with hands. If there is any injury to them then it needs highly complex procedures like Neurotisation (Nerve Transfers) for correction. Best results are seen if the injury is recent and not involving all the nerves.

Nerve Palsy: Various Nerves like Median N, Ulnar N, Radial N may be injured and need either Microsurgical repair or Tendon transfers.

Miscellaneous: Other Hand problems generally treated by Plastic Surgeons are Thumb deformities, Thumb reconstruction, Bony fractures requiring K-wire or Mini plate fixation, Toe-to-Thumb Reimplantation, Correction of Burnt Hand, Elbow & Axilla, and Bony or Soft tissue tumours of Hand.

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