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EZ CO2 Mask Facial and HydraFacial in Agra – Ideal Skin Brightening Treatments

The best way to be confident in your appearance is by flaunting a clean, glowing, rejuvenated, and healthy skin. While the daily activities of life can act as barriers in achieving the same even during the most important days of your life, undergoing a skin brightening treatment in Agra after consulting the experts at Saraswat Hospital can give you the instant glow you have been searching for, without the need for undergoing any surgery. Two of the most common techniques used to give you a rejuvenated skin and getting rid of your wrinkles and fine lines in the process are Hydra Facial and the EZ CO2 Mask Facial Treatments.

HydraFacial in Agra – Your Key to a Glowing Skin

Hydra Facial is a very popular technique used to give every individual a glowing skin. The procedure revolves around performing a non-invasive pain-free medical facial. Through this serum-based HydraFacial treatment in Agra, customized according to your skin concerns at Saraswat Hospital, you can get rid of all the dead cells from the facial skin all at once. The procedure is performed in five essential steps:

  1. Exfoliation and Cleansing: In this step, we deal with the dead skin cells and remove them using a suction to reveal the smoother and healthier skin underneath.
  2. Peeling Serums: Once the healthy skin is uncovered, we use a gentle chemical peeling serum to cleanse the pores and improve the pigmentation on your skin, making it lighter in the process.
  3. Extract: As we complete this step, we head on to extract the blackheads and whiteheads from your skin in a painless but quick way with the help of a special vacuum tip.
  4. Hydrate: The skin is clean now and doesn’t have even an iota of any pigmentation or blackheads. So, it is finally the time to hydrate your skin with the help of a vortex fusion technology that allows the deep penetration of the hyaluronic acid and antioxidants into the skin. This step reduces any signs of ageing you might have on your face including the wrinkles and fine lines.
  5. Protect: Last, but not least, once the skin is hydrated, it should be protected. We use a wide range of serums and sunscreens to secure the results of the treatment.

All the products used throughout HydraFacial in Agra are customized according to your skin type and concerns, thereby working towards achieving the best results without any side-effects. At Saraswat Hospital, we have a team of experts who ensure that this treatment is ideal for even those with active acne.

EZ CO2 Mask Facial Brightening treatment in Agra – The First Step to a Glowing Skin

At Saraswat Hospital, we also offer the best EZ CO2 Mask Facial treatment. This technique is for those who want the benefits of Carboxy Therapy (Bohr Effect) even without a needle. The oxygen level of the skin tissue, during this facial, increases by several levels and helps boost the healing power during this process.

Suitable for those who want to hydrate their skin and brighten it with deep within, instantly, the EZ CO2 Mask Facial brightening treatment in Agra is also helpful in reducing any pigmentation of the skin. The most common benefits of undergoing this facial treatment involve:

  1. The improvement in the blood circulation level
  2. Acting as an anti-inflammation procedure
  3. The improvement of the elasticity and firmness of the skin

Through this process, we first cleanse the facial skin and dry it before applying around 20ml of the EZ CO2 Gel on it. We then use a sheet mask to cover the face and keep it for ten minutes. The mask is placed in a way where the inner folded side or the uncoated part stays in contact with the gel. Once the ten-minute timeframe is over, we gently remove the mask and the gel. A hot towel is then used to gently cleanse the face, and you will be able to see the magic of the treatment in no time.

The Benefits of Undergoing Skin Brightening Treatments in Agra

Both the EZ Co2 Mask Facial and the Hydra Facial Treatment in Agra are two of the most popular techniques used when the client wants excellent results and doesn’t have any time to devote for any other treatment methods. The fact that the results from these skin brightening treatments in Agra are long-lasting and have no side-effects make it all the more preferred when you are in a hurry.

Our team of experts is led two of the most experienced and reputable aestheticians of the country – Dr Preeti Saraswat and Dr Satya Kumar Saraswat – both of whom are certified by several international boards to deliver the best results for the patients. Always updated with the latest developments in the field, the doctors perform regular research and development to incorporate modern technology in their treatments.

At Saraswat Hospital, we provide each of these treatments at the best EZ Co2 Carboxy Facial and HydraFacial cost in Agra. In case you want to have the Instant Glow, Brightness, Hydration and Rejuvenation your face requires at a 20% discount, feel free to get in touch with the team today.

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