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Scalp Micropigmentation India

SMP refers to a tattoo pigment placed in microdots of less than 1 mm in size and distributed approximately 1 mm apart, similar to the distance between the follicular units. This placement distance varies with the problem being addressed.

In our 2011 international society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) publication and presentation, SMP was presented for the treatment of many medical and surgically induced scalp problems such as autoimmune diseases, genetic hair loss, surgically scarring from a variety of surgical procedures including strip scarring from traditional hair -transplant procedure, old punch graft donor sites, follicular unit Extraction(FUE) scarring, craniotomy scarring and scalp reduction surgical scarring. The use of SMP has great value to augment or substitute for a hair transplant in many patients who do not have enough hair to undergo a hair transplant, where the hair supply does not meet the need for lost hair. SMP can also be an alternative to hair restoration surgery in some male patients who do not want to have a surgical procedure to treat their balding or the female patient who is thinning and may decide to use SMP as a permanent concealer.

The SMP process looks amazingly simple and in concept is simple, but the techniques are customized for each patient. Once the SMP process is performed, the artistically produced “dots” have a tendency of the to fade into the surrounding skin and thus has to be repeated in 4-5 years.