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Breast Reconstruction India

Other Breast Surgeries:

  1. Nipple Areola Reconstruction – Sometimes due to Burn, Trauma or after removal of Breast cancer, NIpple Areola Complex is often destroyed. We use special techniques to reconstruct such lost Nipple by Flap from Local Tissue, Tattooing and Full Thickness Skin Grafting.
    Nipple Areola Reconstruction
    Nipple Areola Reconstruction


    Nipple Areola Reconstruction by Tattooing

  2. Nipple Inversion – An inverted nipple is a condition where nipple,is retracted into the breast instead of pointing outward.Nipple inversion is classified into 3 grades according to the severity of the condition:Grade 1: can be pulled out easily and maintain this projection. This type will also respond to external stimulation.

    Grade 2: can be relatively easily pulled out but have a tendency to retract easily.

    Grade 3: is severely retracted and difficult to pull out manually. There are various ways of correcting it depending on it’s degree. We use a Hammock Flap for it’s correction.

    Nipple Areola Reconstruction
    Inverted Nipple

    Nipple Areola Reconstruction
    Using Hammock Flap for correcting Nipple Inversion

  3. Breast Reconstruction – Breast Reconstruction is done in a case where Breast has been removed due to Cancer.It means rebuilding of a breast, in a woman using autologous tissue (tissue from different part of same person) or prosthetic material like Silicone Implant to construct a natural-looking breast. Often this includes the reformation of a natural-looking areola and nipple. This procedure involves the use of implants or relocated flaps of the patient’s own tissue.
  4. Breast Lump – Occasionally in females, there may be benign (not cancerous) lumps called as Fibroadenoma. In such cases, after confirming diagnosis with simple tests like FNAC & Mammography, a Cosmetic Surgeon takes out the lumps in such a way that the scar marks are hardly visible.This is especially useful in females for whom the invisibility or conspicuity of scar matters a lot.A cosmetic Surgeon puts very fine sutures in such a way that the there is hardly any scar visible after a few months.