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Repair Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant surgery is the ideal alternative for those suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia and who want a permanent solution to the same. However, failure of the surgery can happen due to several reasons, including sloppy surgical method and technical errors. Inexperienced doctors, when practising the surgery, might leave poor results resulting in depression, patient dissatisfaction, and low self-esteem. At Saraswat Hospital, our team of ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) certified doctors provide the best repair hair transplant in India for all those patients suffering from botched-up results.

What are the Top Causes of a Failed Hair Transplant Surgery?

When it comes to hair transplant surgery in India, you must always get in touch with experts in the field to provide exceptional results, or else you might end up with failed results. Some of the various causes of a botched up hair transplant include:

  1. Drying Graft: In case the hair graft is left exposed to the air for over 20 seconds, it can end up getting dry, especially if they are dry, leaving them at a greater risk of damage. This can happen when the grafts are not kept in a physiologic holding solution (like Platelet Rich Plasma) after extraction; the trimming of the graft has been inefficient, during the shift from one place to the other, and due to the inefficient placement of the graft.
  2. Incapable Storing: The holding solutions that the grafts are immersed in once they have been extracted are typically meant for the survival of the grafts and thus should always be well-maintained. Once the grafts are left out of the body for an extended time, the damage risk gets higher by the minute.
  3. Graft Handling: Experienced professionals are aware of the fact that it takes some time to move the grafts to the recipient area from the bath solution. If by any chance, the grafts are extracted and then piled on a surface, the surgery might fail. The grafts are also to be handled very delicately, and the placement should be with steady hands and precision.
  4. Graft Depth: As the professionals are performing the surgery, they should also take note of the depth the grafts are being placed at. In case that the grafts are placed too deep into the scalp, they might not survive, and the patient might suffer from folliculitis after the surgery, thereby causing infection of the follicles.

When is the Ideal Time to Undergo Repair Hair Transplant in India?

At one of the best clinics for repair hair transplant in India, our team of specialized doctors take note of all aspects of the previously undergone botched up surgery before moving ahead with the corrective measures. Some of the most common cases during which hair transplant repair is required include:

  1. Defective Hairline: This section includes the unnatural design of the hairline and the high or low lying placement. In any of these cases, once the patient has recovered, the forehead might look too large or too small enough to have an unnatural look, thereby ending with them being dissatisfied with the surgery.
  2. Wrong Density and Angulations: Hair transplant surgery is a very precise procedure that should always be performed by experts who have several years of experience in the field to yield the best results. However, in cases of a failed hair transplant, the hair, upon complete recovery, might look less dense, leaving the scalp to be visible. Through repair hair transplant in India, however, you may be able to implant new follicles in the visible regions to reverse the effects. The angulations of the newly-implanted grafts are also important when it comes to getting natural-looking results from the surgery.
  3. FUT Scars: As part of two of the most popular techniques used for the surgery, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), now known as Linear Excision Method, often leaves a linear scar at the donor site. In case the incision is closed under tension, it can appear as a large scar which a repair hair transplant can fix. This is also true for those suffering from stretched scars due to the use of improper surgical tools and loose stitches.
  4. Bushy Temples: The temples of every man and women typically have fine and light-coloured hair than the other parts of the scalp. When you undergo hair transplant surgery, the results should maintain the same as well. However, when inexperienced doctors perform the same, you might end up with an increased density on the temples, thereby leaving a bushy look that repair hair transplant can redesign and fix.

What are the Best Ways to Repair a Botched up Hair Transplant Surgery?

At Saraswat Hospital, our doctors have over 17 years of experience in the field and are always in touch with international boards specializing in hair transplant surgery, thereby allowing them to be updated about the latest developments in the field. The various ways we can repair a botched up hair transplant surgery involve:

  1. Taking the patient’s body hair to perform surgery again if the patient comes in with a depleted donor area.
  2. Using scalp micropigmentation or revision procedures to conceal the large FUT scarring on the back of the head (donor area).
  3. Redesigning the frontal hairline by extracting the wrong grafts using FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) techniques.

How are the Top Techniques used for Repair Hair Transplant in India Performed?

Repair Hair Transplant in India, when performed by the experts at our Agra-based speciality centre, is an aggressive method used to repair/reverse/restore the failed hair transplant results. The three top techniques used for the procedure include:

  1. Camouflage: This is one of the most fundamental techniques used for hair transplant restoration for a patient with botched results. Through this method, the unsightly and improper grafts will be replaced by micro-grafts or smaller follicular units to give a more natural look. This can be a stand-alone technique if you are dealing with a limited portion of the hair. It can, however, not help restore hair that has been transplanted way too low on the forehead and thus can be used in conjunction with other methods.
  2. Graft Excision: Through this process, the abnormal grafts implanted during the previous surgery are carefully removed from the scalp and distributed into each follicular unit. Once that step is complete, these are then re-implanted to the proper locations. Since the underlying scarred tissues are also removed during this procedure, the results can improve the overall appearance at the same time.
  3. Combination Procedure: This technique is typically used for those patients with a case of failed hair transplant. In this procedure, the larger plugs or grafts are first extracted, dissected, and re-planted before using the camouflage method to cover the entire area.

Repair hair transplant can also be performed through laser procedures and Scalp Micropigmentation where tiny dots of pigment are tattooed on the area to give an illusion of fuller hair.

At Saraswat Hospital, as part of the repair hair transplant in India procedure, we measure the current strip scar to calculate the total surface area measured in square centimetres. Following this, we calculate the number of grafts required to cover the entire area by multiplying the area by around 30 grafts per square. This gives us an estimate of the number of grafts to be required for the procedure, and the final cost for the same is calculated on that same statistic.

Repair Hair Transplant Results


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