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Rhinoplasty India

Rhinoplasty India (also known as a nose job) is a surgery undergone by several men and women to change the shape of their nose or improve their breathing. If we look into the anatomy of the nose, the upper portion is where we see the bone, whereas the lower part is cartilage. Through this surgery, professionals can change the cartilage, skin, bone, or all the three aspects of their nose, depending on the requirements. It is the ideal surgery for changing the proportions, shape, or size of the nose along with repairing any injury-based deformities, correction of a birth defect or improvement in breathing problems. At Saraswat Hospital, the professionals offer a customized treatment to the patient based on their desired outcome from the surgery.

Conditions Treated by a Nose Surgery

Through a Rhinoplasty surgery, some of the most common changes made to the nose include:

  1. The size according to the facial aesthetics
  2. Width at the bridge of the nose
  3. Size and position of the nostrils
  4. Correction to the nasal profile for those with visible bumps or depressions on the bridge
  5. Correction to enlarged, upturned, bulbous, hooked nasal tips
  6. The asymmetry of the nose
  7. Correction to a large, wide, or upturned nostril

Preparing for a Nose Surgery at Saraswat Hospital, Agra

At Saraswat Hospital, during the first consultation with the patient, our international-board certified experts discuss several crucial facts that include:

  1. The Medical History: The first step to the face-to-face consultation with the surgeon revolves around the medical history of the patient. Here, the expert takes note of any history of nasal obstruction, previous surgeries, and the current list of medications consumed by them. This also involves noting any out-of-the-ordinary trait in the patient, such as bleeding disorders like haemophilia. All this determines if a patient is eligible for the surgery or not.
  2. A Physical Examination: Once the medical history is noted before the Rhinoplasty India procedure, the expert takes each patient through a series of physical examinations that include blood and laboratory tests. He or she will also check both the inside and outside of the nose to determine the facial features and decide which technique to follow for the surgery. In this step, the doctor also checks for the changes to be made through the surgery and if the thickness of your skin or cartilage at the end of the nose might affect the recovery process or not.
  3. The Desired Results: As a centre specializing in plastic surgery, we take special care in discussing the reason for undergoing any surgery and the expected results from the same. This step might involve taking pictures of the nose in different angles and using a computer-based software to tweak them and showing the possible results. This also helps in the before and after assessments for nose surgery. Being on the same page with the doctor helps the patient gain satisfactory results and an aesthetic facial profile.

The Eligibility Criteria for Undergoing a Nose Surgery

A nose job is a cosmetic surgery that has a direct effect on the way a patient looks and one needs to always consult professionals who have several years of experience in the field. At Saraswat Hospital, we make it a point to ensure that only those who are eligible for the procedure are about to undergo the same. The eligible candidates for nose surgery include those who:

  1. Are not smokers
  2. Have complete facial growth
  3. Are physically healthy
  4. Have realistic goals and expectations out of the procedure
  5. Have a positive outlook about the improvement of their appearance

The Rhinoplasty India Procedure

A nose job can be performed under either local or general anaesthesia, depending on the complexity of the surgery and your condition at the moment. Those undergoing local anaesthesia will, however, have an outpatient surgery since the procedure is limited to a specific area of the body. Those undergoing general anaesthesia, though, have to stay for some time at the hospital since the patient has to be unconscious throughout the procedure.

Rhinoplasty India at Saraswat Hospital is performed in two techniques – Open Procedure or Closed Procedure. In the former, the incision made will be across the narrow strip of tissue separating the nostrils, or the columella. In the latter, the incisions made are hidden inside the nose and can’t be seen.

Depending on the available materials and the nose structure, the surgeon can change the nasal cartilage or nasal bone’s shape in several ways. If the surgery is going to be for small changes, the surgeon takes the cartilage taken from deep within the nose or from the ear. If there are large changes, the surgeon might prefer taking cartilage from the patient’s ribs, implants, or bone. Once the procedure is complete, the nose skin and tissues are re-draped, and stitches are made to the incisions for closing.

The Rhinoplasty India Recovery Process

At Saraswat Hospital, we have a team of handpicked experts who are trained in post-operation care. Once the nose surgery in India is complete, the patient has to take complete bed rest with the head raised higher than the chest to avoid swelling or bleeding. The nose might feel congested for a week from the splints placed inside for support during the surgery till the time it is removed. The internal dressings, more often than not, remain from one to seven days of the surgery. Some of the post-surgery instructions that you would have to follow for the best results include:

  1. Not blowing the nose
  2. Avoiding any strenuous activities for some time
  3. Taking smaller baths instead of long showers
  4. Eating high-fibre foods such as vegetables to avoid constipation and thus, any surgery site strain
  5. Avoiding laughing or any extreme facial expressions
  6. Brushing the teeth gently to limit upper lip movement
  7. Loose clothes that are easy to wear and remove
  8. Not wearing any spectacles or sunglasses for at least four weeks post-surgery to prevent extra pressure
  9. Using high SPF sunscreen to avoid irregular discolouration

Top 4 Frequently Asked Questions about Rhinoplasty India


1. Is nose surgery painful?

At Saraswat Hospital, we always either general or local anesthesia before performing the surgery so, during the procedure, the patient feels no pain. However, when the anesthesia wears off, especially when it is general anesthesia, the patient might feel the effects of the surgery with a pain level of 0 to 4 out of 10.

2. How long does nose surgery take?

Nose surgery is a challenging operation that should always be performed by experts. The duration of the surgery, however, depends on the current condition of the nose and the desired results from the same. More often than not, in the case of smaller surgeries, it can be treated as an outpatient procedure where the patients leave the hospital on the same day. However, in other longer cases, the patients might have to stay back for a day for monitoring. Typically, Rhinoplasty takes around 1.5 to 3 hours.

3. Is nose surgery permanent?

Yes, the results of a nose job are permanent and are there to stay with you lifelong. This is one of the most important reasons why you should always contact professionals with several years of experience and expertise in the field for a nose job.

4. How much does a nose job or Rhinoplasty cost in India?

At Saraswat Hospital, the cost of undergoing Rhinoplasty India would depend on the type of procedure you are going through, the intricacy of the treatment, and all the other components associated with the same. During your first consultation, after completing all the initial checkups, the doctor might be able to give you a rough estimate of the price range for your nose job, but the final cost can only be mentioned once the surgery is complete. As a ballpark figure, however, the simplest of the surgeries start at around Rs. 40,000/-.

Some of Our Rhinoplasty Surgery Results


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