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Saraswat Hospital Agra uses a hi tech, patient friendly software for appointments and patient data. This software is known to all as “Practo”. Any patient from any part of the world can book his/her appointment through Practo and also can get full information regarding the location, hospital timings, doctor’s availability, helpline numbers, and so on.

Appointments can also be taken on phone through various helpline numbers.

Walk-in patients are also seen on first come-first serve basis.


Emergency Medical Resuscitation

Ever ready emergency medicines and emergency intervention machines as defibrillator, ETCO2 monitor
Continuous monitoring during any procedure
Trained staff


Apart from the patient registration pic, we keep an immaculate record of all our patients before and after pictures i.e. before and after the procedure settings.

Digital Simulation

Saraswat Hospital Agra uses a high end digital simulation software to show you the approximate results of your procedures. It helps you to understand the effect of the procedure you would be undergoing.


There are numerous power point presentations which educate you and guide you in your quest for betterment of your concerns.

You may access them in our premises or if you wish we can send you the links.

Social Media

Saraswat Hospital Agra addresses its friends and patients on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, pinterest, you tube, vimeo and instagram. Various posts by us are much awaited by our social media friends as more often than not they are educative as well as informative.

Electronic Newsletter

Saraswat Hospital Agra publishes an electronic newsletter for which you require a log-in.

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