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Online Consultation for Hair Loss

If due to any reason you are unable to come for consultation , Kindly fill up this form. It takes 5 minutes to do so. We generally respond to these Queries within one working day.

Our team of American Board Certified Hair Transplant Surgeons make a customized plan for you depending on your grade of baldness & various other factors.

  • It is essential that no information should be hidden from the Doctor.
  • Complete information is kept confidential.
Dr. Satya and Preeti Saraswat

Hair Loss Info

What are your hair restoration goals?
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Any Medical Problem –
Family History of hair loss (Both Father & Mother Side)
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Significant Medical Problem in Family
History of Allergies
Any Medications & Therapies taken for hair loss

Photo Uploads

Instructions for Photos:

  1. Submit one different photo for each of the four views (Front, Side/Angle, Top, and Rear)
  2. Photos with dry hair only
  3. Include your entire head. You may block out your face, but very close-up photos are not useful. The doctor needs to see the overall pattern of your hair loss
  4. Click below to upload your photos

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