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Do Hair Transplants Leave Scars?

Published on October 22, 2021 | 1143 views

Does a Hair Transplant Surgery Leave Scars

Hair transplant is one of the safest surgeries and the most preferable option when it comes to dealing with genetic hair loss. However, every cosmetic surgery out there, no matter how simple and minor it is, involves having minimal scars, and a hair transplant is no exception. Thankfully, the scars are not something that you have to put up with for a long time if you choose the right doctor. Renowned and reliable clinics like Saraswat Hospital in Agra make sure to perform the surgery with utmost care and minimal pain and scarring. In this blog, we will discuss scars left by different hair transplant procedures.

Scars Left by FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

There are two major techniques when it comes to hair transplant – FUT or strip surgery, and FUE. The main difference between these two methods is the way the hair follicles are extracted before transplantation. Both of the techniques are cutting edge surgical procedures and offer a phenomenal cosmetic improvement if performed on the right candidate. However, although hair transplant side effects are very rare, yet both procedures leave a certain extent of scars.

In a FUT technique, a strip of hair follicles bearing scalp tissue is extracted from the donor area to collect the grafts required for the transplantation. As a result, the donor area is left with a linear scar that may be visible with too short haircuts. However, once the surgery is over, the surgeons stitch this scar to a trichophytic closure so hair grows in it, making it no more visible.

On the contrary, an FUE technique does not involve the removal of strips. Instead, each follicle is extracted directly and individually using a round punch needle. So, this procedure does not leave a linear scar either. However, that does not mean that the surgery is completely scar less. However, this surgery only leaves tiny dot like scars that are only visible when you shave your hair. These scars can be hidden easily once you grow out your hair.

So, the idea of hair transplant being a scar less procedure is incorrect, but when it is performed by a qualified surgeon, the surgery leaves very little evidence that it was ever even performed. Apart from trichophytic closure and growing hair, the scars can also be covered through Scalp Micropigmentation. Organic black ink is implanted into the scalp through this technique, which helps in creating the impression of natural hair follicles. As it covers the bareness of the scar, the evidence of ever undergoing a hair transplant surgery is concealed.

Why Should You Choose Saraswat Hospital for Hair Transplant?

Saraswat Hospital in Agra, the best hair transplant clinic in India, is run by ABHRS-certified cosmetic surgeons with more than 17 years of experience in the field. The clinic performs various types of hair transplant surgeries in the form of customised plans, according to the unique requirements of each client.

Dr Satya Kumar Saraswat is an MBBS, MS, M.Ch, and DNB in plastic surgery. He is an expert in all kinds of hair restoration treatments and a member of several international boards. In 2007, the Health Minister of India awarded him with a gold medal for his contributions to the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Dr Preeti Saraswat is an MBBS and PGDCC from the University of Greifswald, Germany. With more than 7 years of experience in the field, she is a specialist in scalp micropigmentation. Apart from being a diplomate of ABHRS, she is also a lifelong member of ISHRS.

Conclusion: If you are hesitating about undergoing a hair transplant surgery in fear of scars, you have nothing to worry about. The scars can be concealed easily, and they are no more visible once your hair grows. The experts at Saraswat Hospital make sure to provide you with the best results at the end of the surgery. To know more about the hair transplant procedures, contact the clinic by dropping a mail at saraswathospitalagra@gmail.com.

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