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5 Things You Should Never Do Before Hair Transplants

Published on August 21, 2023

Hair Transplant Saraswat Hospital

Hair transplantation can help you get rid of baldness and get your natural hair back. It has emerged as a revolutionary hair restoration method that millions of people worldwide are embracing. A hair transplant is one of those life-changing decisions that requires both careful consideration and adequate preparation. The success of hair transplants does not […]

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What Are the Disadvantages of Hair Transplant?

Published on November 4, 2021

Are There Any Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

When it comes to genetic hair loss, a hair transplant surgery is undoubtedly the best solution that offers natural results permanently. However, even though the surgery is very safe and simple, some people are still scared to undergo the procedure, being concerned about side effects. Are there any side effects of hair transplant though? The […]

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Do Hair Transplants Leave Scars?

Published on October 22, 2021

Does a Hair Transplant Surgery Leave Scars

Hair transplant is one of the safest surgeries and the most preferable option when it comes to dealing with genetic hair loss. However, every cosmetic surgery out there, no matter how simple and minor it is, involves having minimal scars, and a hair transplant is no exception. Thankfully, the scars are not something that you have […]

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