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Get Glowing Skin with Body Polishing using Natural Ingredients

Published on April 22, 2022

organic skin polishing treatment in Agra

Summers are here and the heat is already touching unbearable temperatures. This excessive heat wave is almost always accompanied with sun tanning, sweating, and dehydration for most people. Dirt and dead skin cells also get accumulated on the skin pores. At Saraswat Hospital, you can find the best remedies for your skin and beauty. Our […]

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10 Essential Pre & Post Holi Tips for Skin and Hair Care

Published on March 9, 2022

Pre & Post Holi Tips for Skin and Hair Care

With the pages on the calendar turning so fast, the festival of colours is just around the corner. Holi, the festival that’s celebrated with an array of colours, sweets, and water balloons, is arriving very soon. Of course, you will play Holi on the day of the festival. But the harsh colours and chemicals can […]

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What are the Foods to Eat to Reduce Hair Fall? – Hair Loss Treatment

Published on February 26, 2022

What to eat to help reduce hair loss

Hair fall has become an extremely common problem among men and women both. A healthy mane is like the crown jewel of our natural beauty, and losing that can cause a lot of distress for many people. Most men and women lose about 60-80 hair strands daily as per the natural hair growth cycle. But […]

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Pre and Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Published on March 19, 2021

Pre and Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips and Tricks

The festival of colours usually played with buckets of water and dry gulal can create a lot of havoc for your skin and hair if you don’t care for them properly. However, caring for your skin and hair during Holi doesn’t mean only after you have washed off all the colours, but also includes various […]

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