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Pre and Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Published on March 19, 2021 | 795 views

Pre and Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Tips and Tricks

The festival of colours usually played with buckets of water and dry gulal can create a lot of havoc for your skin and hair if you don’t care for them properly. However, caring for your skin and hair during Holi doesn’t mean only after you have washed off all the colours, but also includes various things you need to do before the festival as well.

It is always advised to celebrate the festival with herbal colours, ensuring that your skin and hair is safe from the after-effects but not always do we get the option of buying them and often indulge in non-certified products. These products contain harmful chemicals which can not only cause hair fall but also irritate your skin, ripping away all the moisture and leaving redness on the body. So, how can you take care of yourself? Let’s find out!

Top Things to Do Before Celebrating Holi

First off, you need to start with clear skin to make the most of your celebration. If you want to get rid of the unwanted hair on the body and are looking for the razors and wax strips, stop right there. These might leave after-effects such as a burn or cut marks which might irritate even more when exposed to the colours of the festival. Instead, book a consultation for laser hair removal Agra and permanently remove the hair so that you can enjoy the festival tension-free. Don’t forget to apply a thick layer of sunscreen before going out in the sun to celebrate.

Next, for your skincare routine before the festival, apply a thick layer of heavy oil such as mustard or coconut to your entire body. This can create a barrier between the layer and your skin, thereby stopping harmful chemicals from penetrating inside. This way, you can keep your skin safe from the colours and even remove them with ease.

When it comes to the hair, first off, do not keep the hair open at any costs. Try to tie it up as much as possible, and this way your hair will be less exposed to gulal. A night before the festival, however, you can apply a mixture of jojoba, rosemary, or coconut oil to provide enough nutrition to the hair, especially when you have a sensitive scalp. Shampoo only when you are about to wash off the colours from your body and hair.

Top Things to Do After Celebrating Holi

Now the festival is done and dusted, you have to remove all the colours from your body; the first thing that you would have to do is add two tablespoons of lemon juice into a bowl and then mix it with curd to apply it to the areas that have colour. This will help exfoliate the skin and help in removing the colour from the body safely. You may also want to mix some gram flour with the formula and apply it to the areas that have colour.

For hair care, you may want to wash off the hair with plain water first, and ensure that most of the colour comes off. You can then apply shampoo and conditioner to ensure your scalp is clean. You can mix a few drops of lemon juice, honey, and olive oil to make a nourishing pack for the scalp as well. Always use mild shampoo and warm water for the process to get the best results.

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As the Chief Clinical Cosmetologist of the hospital, Dr Preeti Saraswat is an MBBS with a Post Graduate Diploma degree in Clinical Cosmetology from the University of Greifswald, Germany. She has a lifetime membership of the Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons, ensuring that she stays updated with all the latest developments in the field.

Conclusion: As the festival of colours, Holi has a special place in the hearts of all Indians, and you deserve to celebrate it without having to think much about how your hair or skin would react. Saraswat Hospital is also known as the best place for hair transplant in India that takes care of all your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns. Get in touch with the team for details.

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