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5 Helpful Tips for a Quick Hair Transplant Recovery

Published on July 29, 2022 | 1074 views

Helpful Tips for a Quick Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplants are regarded as fairly easy cosmetic procedures. They are safe, painless, and have a short downtime. And that’s why hair transplants in India and worldwide becoming more popular each passing day. The chances of any complications arising are fewer. In a hair transplant surgery, healthy hair follicles are removed from the donor area of the scalp and implanted into the recipient area. The transplanted hair follicles restart the cycle of hair growth in the balding areas and gradually lead to a head full of hair. The procedure gives you natural-looking permanent results, which help improve your appearance and boost self-confidence.

What is the Recovery Period After a Hair Transplant?

The average recovery period for most hair transplant patients is between 7-10 days. FUE patients can resume work after a week, while FUT patients might need some more time to recover due to stitches. When you get treated at the best place for hair transplant in India such as Saraswat Hospital, patients are given detailed post-op instructions with a list of dos and don’ts.

Tips for a Fast Recovery After a Hair Transplant in India

Patients who get hair transplants in India should follow the below-mentioned after-care tips for a rapid and successful recovery.

1. Avoid Exercise and Strenuous Activities

It is recommended to avoid physical exercise and other strenuous activities for the first 5-7 days after the procedure. The reason is to prevent the increase of blood flow to your scalp. So, it is advised to pause your regular gym sessions, jogging, or sit-ups routine for a week after the hair transplant. Patients must also refrain from certain body movements. For example, you should bend down from your knees, not the waist. Any activity that causes sweating should also be avoided. An increase in blood pressure on the scalp or excessive sweating can loosen the hair grafts.

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Immediately

It is safe to wash your hair 48 hours after a hair transplant procedure. You must not touch your scalp for the first two days after the surgery to avoid disturbing the newly planted grafts. While washing hair, be very gentle. Pour 2-3 drops of shampoo in a cup full of water and mix it. Then, pour this solution to your head and gently massage the scalp for cleansing. Avoid direct contact of the grafts with high-pressure water. Hence, do not put your head directly under the shower for the first week.

3. Skip Wearing a Hat

Once you undergo the hair loss treatment of a transplant procedure, it is natural to want to cover your shaved scalp. But please wait a minimum of 3 days to prevent any damage to your hair grafts. Once 3 days are gone, you can start wearing a loose-fitting hat. After 5 days of the transplant, you can wear tight-fitted headgear, such as a baseball cap.

4. Say No to Alcohol & Smoking

When you visit the best place for hair transplant in India at Saraswat Hospital, the doctor gives a list of restrictions to the patient that must be followed. Drinking alcohol leads to blood thinning and hence, must be avoided for a week after the procedure.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which constricts the blood vessels and decreases blood flow. Smoking can negatively impact hair growth after the hair transplant, and must be avoided for four weeks after the surgery.

5. Manage Swelling, Itching, and Sun Exposure

Swelling is a normal hair transplant side effect that lasts for the first 3–4 days. Keep your head in an elevated position for the first 72 hours to reduce the swelling. You can sleep on a recliner, instead of the bed to avoid keeping your head flat.

As the wounds start healing, the scalp may become itchy. Patients must avoid scratching and allow the scabs to form naturally for a faster recovery.

Do not expose your head to direct sunlight for two weeks after the surgery. Wait till 5 days and then you can wear a hat before going outside. Also, ask your surgeon for tips on how to keep new hair healthy after a hair transplant and follow everything accordingly.

To know more about hair transplant side effects and complications, watch this video by Dr. Satya Saraswat:


Hair transplants are undoubtedly one of the best hair loss treatment options. It successfully restores your natural hairline and gives permanent results. At Saraswat Hospital in Agra, you get treated under the expertise of ABHRS-certified doctors. To book an appointment for hair transplants in India, call us today at 919258386320 or send an email to saraswathospitalagra@gmail.com.

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