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How Soon Can I Do a Hair Wash After a Hair Transplant?

Published on July 27, 2022 | 1217 views

How Soon Can I Do a Hair Wash After a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants are the most advanced treatment for hair loss conditions. They give you natural-looking permanent results for hair growth that sustains over a long time. It is a type of cosmetic surgery that has a direct impact on the patient’s appearance and looks. To ensure you get the best possible results, visit Saraswat Hospital in Agra to be treated by the best hair specialist in Agra. Dr. Satya Saraswat and Dr. Preeti Saraswat are Diplomates from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) with over 19 years of experience.

To ensure the best results after a hair transplant in India or elsewhere, it is important that you strictly follow the post-op care instructions. The main worry during this period is to avoid any damage or disturbance to the hair grafts.

How soon can hair be washed after a hair transplant surgery?

It is recommended to wait 48 hours after the surgery before you have your first hair wash. During these two days, you must avoid touching your scalp at all. Remember to keep the transplanted hair grafts out of harm’s way.

Before doing your hair wash, make sure you consult the doctor first. At our hair transplant clinic in Agra at Saraswat Hospital, our surgeons and medical team provide a detailed after-care routine for the patient. You have to be extremely gentle during the hair wash and be careful not to disturb the newly planted follicles. Even after recovery, be careful about your hair grooming and styling to enjoy the goodness of hair transplants for an extended period of time.

Patients shouldn’t wait longer than 48 hours to have their first hair wash. After the hair transplant, the scalp may have a build-up of crust or blood formation, which shouldn’t be allowed to sit for a long time.

What to expect during your first hair wash?

You can wash your hair daily after the 48-hour mark is over. But remember: gentle is the name of the game. Use only your fingertips, not nails, to gently massage your head. Avoid too much scrubbing as it can dislodge a hair graft.

For the first 5 days of hair washing, the only instruction to keep in mind is to be gentle. You must protect your recipient site and do not let any fast-flowing water directly hit the implanted grafts. This is why it is recommended to not allow your head to go directly under the shower head. Some showers can tend to have a high amount of water pressure.

At Saraswat Hospital, our best hair specialist in Agra recommends using the “pour” method for hair washing post a hair transplant. Fill a cup full of water and gently pour it over your head. Squeeze in the shampoo into your palms and lather it well between your fingers, before gently rubbing them onto your scalp. Or, you can pour the shampoo into the cup and mix it well with water. Then, pour this shampoo solution over your head and gently rinse the scalp clean.

It is important to keep the donor area of your scalp clean to avoid any scabs and itchiness. Be very careful while massaging the recipient area where the grafts are located. Also, don’t forget to ask your surgeon about tips for quick hair transplant recovery.

Hair Wash Dos & Don’ts

  1. During the hair wash, avoid scrubbing too hard so as to not dislodge any hair graft.
  2. Use only your fingertips for massaging the scalp; avoid sharp nails.
  3. Do not allow high water pressure to disturb the implanted follicles on your scalp.
  4. If using a comb, do not let it touch your scalp.
  5. Do not use any hair gels or hair sprays for the first 7 days of hair washing.
  6. Do not use the blow dryer for the first 3 days of hair washing.
  7. After that, if a dryer is used, keep the heat setting at a low or medium range.

For optimal hair transplant results, you should also focus on your diet and haircare habits. Try to eat protein-rich foods, as they help with better hair growth, and avoid hair products with harsh chemicals or any heat styling. Doctors also prescribe hair supplements, gentle shampoo, and other haircare products that help keep new hair healthy after a hair transplant.


No matter if you go through a FUE or FUT procedure, it is important to pay special attention to your doctor’s post-op instructions to ensure a full recovery post a hair transplant. Saraswat Hospital is a leading and reputed hair transplant clinic in Agra with excellent post-operative care provided to patients. For successful a hair transplant in India, get in touch with us.

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