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What are the Things One Should Know Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty?

Published on February 15, 2021 | 921 views

Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery undergone by people who wish to alter their facial aesthetics by changing the shape of their nose. It can be undergone by those who have suffered from an accident, resulting in a bent nose or those who are suffering from breathing difficulties. Nose surgery in Indiahas several benefits but since it is an aesthetic procedure that has a direct impact on the way you look, you must always be well-prepared with everything you need to know about the surgery, before undergoing the same by experts.

Top Things to Know Before a Nose Surgery

As a popular plastic surgery procedure, Rhinoplasty India can take care of breathing problems, fix broken cartilage, and even change the shape of the nose when performed by professionals. Some of the most important things you need to take note of before you visit an expert for the surgery include:

Types of Rhinoplasty

Typically, you can undergo two types of Rhinoplasty surgeries, depending on the results you want to achieve through the same:

  1. Open: In this form of surgery, the incision is to be made across the narrow tissue strip called the columella, which helps separate the nostrils.
  2. Closed: In this form of surgery, the incisions are made inside the nose, hidden from the eyes, and thus cannot be seen.

Based on the nose structure, the surgeon can either change the bone or the nasal cartilage shape to get the desired results.

The Best Doctor for the Surgery

As you are opting for nose surgery in India, you need to first have clear expectation from the procedure and express the same to yourself and the consulting plastic surgeon. The first step to that is conducting proper research to find out the best doctor to perform the surgery. To do that, check for the years of experience the professional has, before and after pictures of previous Rhinoplasty patients treated by them, and the certification they have, along with the features and facilities of the hospital you are being operated on.

Procedure Differs According to the Patient

Given the fact that patients undergo the surgery for different reasons and have separate requirements from the same, the technique used also changes. If the change is small, you may be allowed to leave for home the same day in just a few hours, but if the change is large, you may be on the operating table for a long time. Some patients have a quicker recovery rate, while others who don’t follow the post-op instructions, tend to find themselves with a longer recovery time.

Aftercare is Important

Since we are already on the subject, a crucial factor that contributes to the success of the Rhinoplasty surgery is the after-care. The consulting plastic surgeon will give you a list of instructions to follow once the procedure is complete, and you would have to follow all the points to get the best results out of the treatment. In case of any ignorance in following the aftercare instructions, you wouldn’t get to see the desired results anytime soon.

Why Visit Professionals at Saraswat Hospital for the Surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery in India is a highly technical procedure that leaves an effect on the way a person looks, and that is why should always be performed by experts. Saraswat Hospital, based in Agra, is one of the most efficient plastic surgery hospitals in India run by two of the most renowned doctors, with seventeen years of experience in the field.

As a Gold Medalist Plastic Surgeon and the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Satya Kumar Saraswat has degrees such as MBBS, MS, M.Ch, and DNB (Plastic Surgery) to his name. He specializes in hair transplant, cleft lip and palate surgeries and is one of the handpicked surgeons certified by several international boards renowned for the same.

As the Chief Clinical Cosmetologist of the hospital, Dr Preeti Saraswat is an MBBS with a Post Graduate Diploma degree in Clinical Cosmetology from the University of Greifswald, Germany. She has a lifetime membership of the Indian Association of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons and is also a member of the Indian Medical Association.

Conclusion: As one of the most popular surgeries people opt for, over the age of eighteen years, to correct breathing troubles and fix the aesthetic shape of the nose, Rhinoplasty Indiaoffers excellent results, when performed by professionals. Saraswat Hospital, as an ethical and safe plastic surgery clinic in Agra, provides customized treatment options and transparent rates. In case you want to know more about the surgery or speak to experts regarding the same, get in touch.

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