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Body Hair Transplant India

Body hair transplant (BHT), also called body-hair-to-head transplant, is a breakthrough procedure with the potential to serve thousands who have been turned away by most clinics as “poor candidates” for hair transplantation. As a complicated FUE surgery, this procedure requires the grafting of follicular units natural groups of one to four hair one at a time. Donor hair are often harvested from beard, chest, shoulders, stomach, arms, and legs. While BHT is considered relatively new and risky by several surgeons, it also comes with many benefits and rewards.

Why Would a Clinic Opt Not to Use Body Hair Transplant?

There are a few reasons why a surgeon might not incorporate body hair transplant into his practice. Some of those reasons include:

  • Non-head hair might not yield the results as head hair would alone do.
  • Using BHT requires the use of promoted FUE, a labor-intensive technique requiring several hours of surgery and a high level of skill.
  • A clinic that values quantity over quality would rather perform several procedures in one day, than a more gratifying procedure that takes a full day.

The Benefits of Body Hair Transplant

This procedure has admitted drawbacks. As an example most non-head hair will not grow to the lengths of actual scalp hair, thus a body hair transplant recipient would not likely be able to grow his hair past eight centimeters. However, the world leading BHT practitioners believe the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Surgeons and patients alike have found it to be an extremely successful, redeeming, and rewarding practice. Some of the benefits include:

  • Body hair transplant makes the pool of donor hair really endless. Thus, those with severe hair loss become potential candidates.
  • It means there will always be hair for future transplants, if needed.
  • It proffers more definitive hair design. As an example, a really detailed hairline can be created from the fine leg hair. The leg hair is also the best resource for those in requirement of eyebrow transplantation.
  • As an advanced FUE surgery, patients already know they are with a reputable surgeon, and will be left with a quick realization time and negligible scarring.

Body Hair Transplant Utilized in Scar Repair

Another wonderful aspect of body hair transplant is its capability to repair those scalps which have become bald due to scarring or disfigurement. Scarring from an accident or a previously botched surgery can often render people without sufficient donor hair to reverse the hair loss caused by these scars. Many patients require corrective surgery on strip scars, slot formations, posterior hairline scars from flap surgery, and unsightly punch grafting marks. BHT is a wonderful and often the only resource to repair these cases.