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All Your Questions About Liposuction Surgery Answered

Published on October 4, 2019 | 1016 views


Excess body fat is a concern with most people of today’s time, bringing with itself several diseases and problems in day-to-day life. Yes, following a healthy diet is extremely important, and so is exercising, but for an average person, it becomes hard to fit such a rigorous routine in their lifestyle. That is why, as a modern-day solution, most people go for liposuction surgery. This treatment, if performed by professional cosmetic surgeons, can help anyone get the body contour that they desire, as it can target areas such as hips, thighs, and even the abdominal area. Having said all of this, not many are aware of the true potential of a liposuction procedure.

What exactly is traditional liposuction surgery?

Liposuction is traditionally a surgical procedure where the body fat is taken out from the area you want to treat, using a suction cup. The most significant part to be noted is that it can neither be treated as an alternative to exercising or dieting, nor as a method for weight-loss. Liposuction surgery is a body contouring method where the maximum amount of fat that can be extracted is 5,000 millilitres (11 Pounds).

Through this method, Cannulas and Aspirators are used to remove the Adipose cells (fat cells). These are special hollow tubes made of stainless steel and a suction device.

What are the areas treated by a liposuction procedure?

The best use of a liposuction procedure is to remove fat from the following places:

1. Double Chin
2. Abdominal Fat
3. Gynecomastia
4. Upper Arms
5. Outer Thighs
6. Back of Neck

Some additional areas where the procedure can be used are the upper back, ankles, and inner thigh. The results of the surgery on each of these areas depend on how the patients respond to exercise and diet. The skill of the surgeon also plays a part in providing the best results out of the surgery.

Who is termed as the best candidate for a liposuction surgery India?

As risky and time taking as the procedure is, qualified surgeons would know that not all patients are suitable for liposuction surgery in India. The criteria that you will have to fulfil includes being a healthy individual who is close to the goal weight. He or she must be over 18 years old with a full-fledged balanced diet and exercise in place.

If you are someone who suffers from any medical problems like heart diseases or diabetes, you must not go for such a surgical procedure. Older people find less visible results because the elasticity of their skin decreases with time, and that is why the surgeons first test the condition of the patient’s skin before taking up the surgery. The best candidate for a liposuction surgery will be preferably a non-smoker with subcutaneous fat residing between the skin and muscles, and with elastic skin.

How do you prepare for liposuction surgery?

The perfect way to plan for a liposuction procedure is by following the instructions presented to you by the cosmetic surgeons. You can comfortably resume normal activities within two weeks of this 1 to 4-hour outpatient procedure performed under local or general anaesthesia.

All you have to guarantee is that your lifestyle choices are in a way that they can help healing and minimize any complications. Do not smoke and instead, rest well to keep your body hydrated and keep the discomfort away. If you suffer from any pain, trust your surgeons to recommend a pain-killer and do not go for off-the-counter products. Some of the basic instructions also revolve around wearing compression garments in the treated areas.

Who are the best doctors for Liposuction, Agra?

Saraswat Hospital, leading cosmetology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and laser hospital is run by two well-known surgeons in the field of liposuction in Agra.

The chief consultant, Dr Satya Saraswat is a Plastic Surgeon with a Gold Medal, awarded at the Diplomate of National Board Examination, department of plastic and cosmetic surgery, by the Honorable Health Minister of India. As a reconstructive surgeon who is involved in all forms of Cosmetic Surgery, he has performed numerous successful surgeries to date and keeps himself updated at all times. His qualifications include D.N.B, M.Ch, M.S, and MBBS.

The chief clinical cosmetologist, Dr Preeti Saraswat, after completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology, has undertaken training on various laser procedures to ensure that she gives her 100% to the patients. Her specializations lie in skin rejuvenation treatments.

Both the doctors are members of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, with several years of experience in their hands.


Saraswat Hospital offers the most affordable rates for liposuction Agra and services by well-known doctors with guaranteed results. To know more, get in touch now.

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