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Is Laser Treatment For Hair Removal A Permanent Remedy?

Published on November 7, 2019 | 1083 views


Unwanted body hair is not just a barrier in achieving smooth skin but it also can turn you into a subject of ridicule in front of others. Numerous options are available to remove unwanted hair from the body, but since most of them are temporary, people are more inclined toward the laser treatment for hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

To put it straight, the laser treatment for hair removal is a method where a powerful beam of lights target the melanin of the skin and reach the follicles. This weakens and destroys them altogether. As and when they are destructed by the laser light, the follicles are unable to produce new hair, becoming dormant for a long time.

Some of the areas where laser hair removal produces exceptional results are:

1. Bikini area
2. Face
3. Shoulders
4. Hands
5. Legs

Permanent hair removal in India, performed through laser, is ideal for the people with darker hair colour and lighter skin tones. A notably swift process, laser hair removal can be completed in a few minutes, and you must always opt for ABHRS certified doctors and trained laser technicians for the procedure.

Why are follow-up sessions needed for laser hair removal?

When you are looking for permanent laser hair removal solutions, you will see experts suggesting you follow-up treatments. These extra sessions are required because each session targets the hair based on the growth phase. A full cycle of laser treatment for hair removal takes around nine months if you are targeting a bigger area.

Over time, as and when you keep attending sessions, you will see that the hair has become lighter in colour and lesser in quantity. The hair growth phase includes stages such as:

1. Anagen:

This is the time when the hair grows to around one centimetre per month. Genetics define the amount of time hair remains in this phase, and the longer it stays, the more it will grow.

2. Catagen: 

This is also as the transitional phase where the follicles renew themselves. Lasting around two weeks, during this time the follicle disintegrates and shrinks, cutting the strands from blood supply.

3. Telogen:

As the final resting phase, here, the follicles are inoperative for nearly four months. An intriguing point to note here is that almost fifteen per cent of hair is always in this phase. After a session of permanent hair removal in India, several people mistake this phase as the Anagen phase.

Maintenance sessions time and again ensure all the hair at a particular area are treated equally.

Side effects, risks and more

Laser hair removal is an effective procedure, but there are a few minor side effects that some people might face as well. That is why surgeons like Dr Satya Saraswat and Dr Preeti Saraswat of Saraswat Hospital, known to provide the best laser hair removal Agra, opt for applying numbing creams before the treatment. Even though minor, certain side-effects seen in patients include temporary changes in skin colour, redness, and crusting of the skin.

You must keep in mind the various pre and post laser treatment instructions provided by the surgeons you are consulting to ensure that you don’t turn these side effects into something severe. One such quick tip is to avoid sun exposure to be safe from scar and blister formation.

All these features and much more warrant the fact that the laser treatment for hair removal is a permanent procedure if performed by experts in the field. Saraswat Hospital, Agra, is one such centre that is run by two experienced and trained surgeons.

The doctors at Saraswat Hospital

If you are based at Agra and search for “laser hair removal near me,” you will find Saraswat hospital to feature in the top sections of the search results. The two doctors at the helm of every treatment provided by the hospital are certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and are excellent at their job. They are:

1. Dr Preeti Saraswat:

After passing MBBS from Kanpur, Dr Saraswat went on to specialize in Clinical Cosmetology from the University of Greifswald, Germany. As the chief clinical cosmetologist of the hospital, Dr Saraswat provides a personalized treatment plan to all her patients, making the treatment all the more successful.

2. Dr Satya Saraswat:

As an MBBS, DNB, MCh, and MS, Dr Saraswat dons a tonne of hats. Awarded by the Honorable Health Minister of India, Dr Satya has been working tirelessly to provide the best services out of his expertise.


Laser hair removal offers permanent results if you are a suitable candidate, and the treatment is performed by trained doctors. Saraswat Hospital provides the best and most affordable laser hair removal Agra has ever seen by board-certified doctors. Should you want to book a one-on-one consultation about the same, get in touch with Saraswat Hospital.

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