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Post-Laser Hair Removal Skincare Guide by Saraswat Hospital

Published on August 24, 2023

underarm laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a saviour for people who are tired of using painful methods like waxing, tweezing, or shaving. Most importantly, traditional hair removal methods need to be repeated every month and come with side effects. It also means you need to deal with those side effects repeatedly. In order to avoid all these […]

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What are the Common Areas of the Body for Laser Hair Removal?

Published on June 4, 2022

laser hair removal treatment in Agra

Excessive body hair can be a nuisance for most people. No one likes to have unwanted body hair and the traditional hair removal methods may not be fully effective. Waxing or shaving do not give permanent results and also take up a lot of time and effort. This is why more and more people now […]

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