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What are the Common Areas of the Body for Laser Hair Removal?

Published on June 4, 2022 | 1054 views

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Excessive body hair can be a nuisance for most people. No one likes to have unwanted body hair and the traditional hair removal methods may not be fully effective. Waxing or shaving do not give permanent results and also take up a lot of time and effort. This is why more and more people now are gravitating towards laser hair removal procedures. Approved by the US-FDA, it is a safe and painless hair removal method. Lasers are targeted directly to the skin to destroy the hair follicles from within. Since the hair root is destroyed, hair growth stops permanently.

Below, we look at the most common body parts applicable for laser hair removal treatment.


Removing facial hair can be a treatment opted for by both men and women. It is commonly done to remove the extra hair growth from facial areas like the chin, upper lips, cheeks, and sideburns. Laser hair removal sessions for facial hair need about 4-5 sessions that are spread out over 3-4 weeks. Each session doesn’t last more than 15 minutes, but long breaks are taken to give the treated areas chance to heal properly. It is much more preferable to waxing or shaving as it provides a long-lasting solution and is also relatively painless.


Arm hair removal is a popular procedure among women. For those who want to flaunt their bare skin always, laser treatments give them a great option to get rid of their unwanted fuzzy arm hair. Repeated waxing or shaving can cause rashes, cuts, itching, or dryness. Opting for laser-assisted hair removal gives a clean and effective solution.


This again is commonly opted by both men and women. Excessive growth on the underarms can feel icky and sweaty for many people. A laser treatment gives them a clean and hygienic solution to bare underarms for a lifetime.


Imagine the luxury of never having to wax or shave your legs ever again! Most women like to opt for laser hair removal treatment for their legs. The number of sessions required in this kind of procedure will depend on the patient’s natural hair growth cycle and the thickness of the existing hair on the legs. Removing leg hair also includes any hair growth on feet and toes.

Bikini line

Traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing and shaving, are extremely painful for the bikini line region of the body. Moreover, the short-term results mean women have to go through the pain repeatedly. Undergoing a laser procedure gives them painless hair removal with long-lasting effects, thus, making life easier.


Many people have excess hair in the area around their navel. Both men and women can opt for a laser procedure to have a smooth, hairless abdomen area. With multiple sessions, the hair growth can be at first diminished and then permanently stopped.


While waxing is a viable option, shaving one’s back by yourself is fairly impossible to do. Many women like to go for laser hair removal on the back as it allows them to wear backless dresses whenever they want without having to worry about body hair. Men who have an excessively hairy back may also opt for this procedure.


Some men are known to have an extra hairy chest, a trait that’s not desirable for many. Hence, removing chest hair by laser treatment is a common procedure among men. Depending on the thickness of hair and the natural hair growth cycle, it may take multiple sessions. A laser procedure is a much simpler and less painful solution than regular grooming methods of waxing or shaving.


Unwanted body hair can cause many woes for both men and women. It requires, time, effort, and money to regularly groom it month after month. Opting for laser hair removal treatment permanently removes all body hair from within the roots. At Saraswat Hospital in Agra, we provide safe and painless laser procedures for all types of hair removal needs. To know more, get in touch with our experts.

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