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Top 7 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Published on August 3, 2022 | 1062 views

Top 7 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Unwanted body hair is a hassle that no one wants to deal with. In today’s society where looks and grooming have become so important, people want to flaunt their smooth, hairless skin. Waxing and shaving are one way to eliminate body hair, but the results are often unsatisfactory. This is why many people nowadays opt for laser hair removal treatments. During this procedure, the high intensity of the laser destroys the hair follicle underneath the skin. It is a safe and painless procedure that ensures permanent hair removal results.

Below, we look at the top benefits of laser hair removal which makes it a popular procedure.

1. Saves Time

Other alternatives, like waxing and shaving, require a lot of time and effort. Both processes need to be repeated every 3-4 weeks to maintain completely hairless skin. One ends up spending a lot of their hours in the salon due to this.

With laser treatments, each session doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. Since the laser machine targets multiple hair follicles simultaneously, it becomes a quick procedure. The results are precise and effective, thus, saving time.

2. Cost-Effective

In India, a salon appointment for hands and leg waxing charges between Rs. 800 – Rs. 2000 based on the kind of parlour you visit. Imagine spending this much amount every month! And if you prefer the shaving method, then calculate the estimated cost of razors, shaving creams, and lotions that you spend monthly.

Now compare the waxing and shaving cost to the one-time price of a laser hair removal procedure. Once you finish the treatment, the results are permanent. So, even if the price is a little on higher side, think of it as a lifetime investment. Hence, laser treatments are cost-effective in the long run.

3. Painless

In waxing, the hair follicles are forcefully uprooted from its root. It is an uncomfortable and often painful experience for most people. With shaving, there are chances of small cuts or nicks which may cause minor bleeding.

Using laser treatment for unwanted hair removal involves zero pain. At the most, patients may feel a similar sensation of a small pinprick. There is no other discomfort or side-effect. The laser hair removal procedure is completely safe, painless, and comfortable.

4. Personalised treatment

The settings in the laser machine can be customised as per the individual skin colour and skin tone of the patient. Always choose a reputable clinic where certified experts perform the procedure.

5. Precise results

Thanks to the advancement in technology, the laser machine targets only a specific part of the body. Hence, laser procedures are the best way to remove unwanted hair from selected areas such as the upper lips, chin, or bikini line. The procedure gives you precise results.

6. Stops hair ingrowth

In a laser procedure, the microbeams destroy the hair follicle from underneath the skin. The hair root is completely destroyed from within, which eliminates any chances of ingrown hair on the skin.

7. No waiting for regrowth

One big problem with hair removal via waxing is that people have to allow the body hair to grow up to a certain point. If there is not enough hair to pull, waxing cannot be done properly. With laser hair removal, there is no need to wait for this hair regrowth to happen. The procedure can be performed at any time if the hair is in the active (anagen) phase. Also, it’s important to follow proper laser hair removal aftercare to ensure the best results.


Laser hair removal is a great way to eliminate unwanted body hair. But one must be very careful while choosing a cosmetic clinic. Make sure you find a reputable clinic that uses FDA-approved equipment to ensure a safe and painless experience. If you want a place for laser hair removal in Agra or nearby cities, then choose Saraswat Hospital in Agra. We have certified cosmetologists who offer personalised treatments.

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