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3 Reasons Why More People Are Getting Hair Transplants

Published on February 4, 2023 | 1081 views

Hair Transplant- The Key to a Full Head of Hair

Hair loss concerns have been around for centuries but it is only in modern times that lots of medical-grade and cosmetic hair loss treatments have become available. However, instead of trying over-the-counter solutions to treat hair loss issues and face adverse side effects, it is better to undergo modern procedures like hair transplants and restore one’s natural hair.

Interestingly, like in any other place, hair transplants in India are becoming more popular than ever. More people are choosing this procedure, irrespective of their age and gender. The global hair transplant market, which was estimated at USD 8.4 billion in 2021, is going to reach USD 21.2 by the end of 2028. In this blog, we discuss why more people are getting hair transplants and where you can get the best hair transplant treatment in India.

The First-Ever Hair Transplant Surgery in the World

In the late 1930s, a Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Okuda, designed a process to address hair loss in patients who were suffering from scalp or burn injuries. Dr. Okuda used to follow the ‘punch technique’ for hair transplantation for such patients.

The first hair transplant for male pattern baldness was done in 1952. A dermatologist from New York named Dr. Norman Orentreich performed the first hair transplant procedure to treat male pattern baldness. Previously, it was thought that the transplanted hair would act like normal hair and fall after a while. However, the transplantation surgery proved that hair from the donor area remained in place and helped the bald area grow natural-looking hair.

Why Are More People Getting Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant treatments are minimally invasive, safe, and highly successful. They leave minimal scars and have a shorter recovery time. Apart from these, there are many other reasons behind the popularity of hair transplants in India and across the world. Let’s explore them now.

1. Advancements in Medical Technology

Advancements in medical technology have resulted in a number of new techniques and methods that have made the hair transplant procedure more successful, less invasive, and more natural-looking.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an advanced hair transplantation technique with a great success rate. This procedure involves removing individual grafts of hair from the donor area using a small punch tool. By using this procedure, you can avoid the need for a large incision or strip removal. It results in less scarring and faster recovery.

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Also to get the best FUE hair transplant in India, people, including many from foreign countries, visit the Saraswat Hospital in Agra. On the other hand, the FUT procedure involves removing a strip of scalp tissue and then dividing it into multiple hair follicles.

Know which is better for you: FUE or FUT

The use of robotic technology allows for more precise and consistent hair follicular extraction and reduces the risk of surrounding tissue damage. The advent of state-of-the-art medical equipment like high-definition cameras, stereomicroscopes, and advanced lighting systems has created room for more accurate and precise hair transplantation. And for the best FUE and FUT hair transplant in India, Saraswat Hospital happens to be a reliable destination, as it offers a great patient satisfaction rate.

Additionally, the use of PRP therapy (platelet-rich plasma) along with hair transplantation stimulates hair growth and offers better and more natural-looking results.

2. Changing Attitudes Toward Hair Loss and Hair Transplants

Common social attitudes toward hair loss have undergone many changes in recent years. Transplants are becoming less stigmatised and more accepted. There was a time when hair loss was often seen as a sign of ageing or a lack of virility. And people who thought of growing their hair in different ways, like transplantation, were often ridiculed. However, such perception is changing gradually, and more people, including celebrities, are embracing hair transplants. They are openly discussing their experience with excessive hair loss and baldness and have undergone hair transplant procedures.

Medical technology advancements have also contributed to the shift in attitude. The procedure is less invasive and offers more natural-looking results. As a result, hair transplants have started to become more mainstream, and many people find them a viable solution to hair loss.

The rise of social media and the increased visibility of hair transplant procedures are playing great roles in changing people’s attitudes toward hair loss. With the advent of the internet, especially the boom in the social media, people have access to a lot of information in the form of photos, and videos, where they can check the real results of hair transplantation. In fact, it has demystified the hair transplant procedure and made it accessible to all classes of society. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the total number of hair transplants has increased by nearly 20% in the past five years.

3. The Influence of Social Media and Celebrity Culture

Social media and celebrity culture are playing a significant role in the increased popularity of hair transplants. Leading social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., have made it easy for common people to learn about hair transplants and check the “before and after” results of the procedure. It helps to educate people about the benefits of undergoing a hair transplant treatment.

Apart from social media platforms, celebrity culture has also contributed to the popularity of hair transplants across the globe. Many international and Bollywood celebrities have discussed the procedure and conveyed how the treatment has helped them. They have inspired the common people and led to the normalisation of the idea of hair transplants while contributing to their increase in popularity.

Even in India, famous celebrities like Mr. Ravi Jhankal, Mr. Jitendra Bharadwaj, Mr. Raju Srestha, and so many other celebrities have undergone this procedure to restore their natural-looking hair. Watch the following videos to learn about their experiences at the Saraswat Hospital:


All these factors are directly contributing to the increase in the popularity of hair transplants in India and other parts of the globe. More people have begun to trust the procedure as technology evolved and awareness increased through social media and celebrity culture. While this popularity or trend shows no signs of slowing down, it raises concerns about its potential impact on society. Hair transplant surgery in India or elsewhere can have a positive impact on a person’s self-confidence and physical appearance.

Similarly, it is also important to consider the financial and ethical implications. Just like any other procedure, hair transplants also come with some downsides or side effects. However, if one undergoes the treatment from an advanced clinic and by board-certified expert surgeons, such as the Saraswat Hospital in Agra, they can prevent or reduce the chances of any adverse side effects.

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