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Hair Loss Treatment India – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Published on August 20, 2019 | 1094 views

Hair Loss Treatment - Symptoms Causes Prevention

Hair loss is a problem that can take a huge toll on the mental health of a person. It can not only affect your scalp but also hit your entire body. Regular hair loss can cause thinning and even balding. This, in turn, might affect the confidence in a man.

Sudden hair loss is termed “Alopecia Areata,” and it hits men more than women. While this is a familiar trait seen in a lot of people, not many are aware of its reasons and symptoms. Which is why most people don’t do anything to counteract this medical condition.

If you can identify the cause and pattern of your hair loss, it becomes easy to prevent it, and you would no longer need scarves or hats to hide your condition. In case you are too late to recognize and stop your hair loss, you can contact the best surgeons and opt for hair restoration services as well.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

Hair fall or hair loss can affect you in several ways, and it all depends on what is causing it. It can be sudden or gradual, affecting just your scalp or your entire body. To identify hair loss better, let’s take a look at the symptoms.

  1. Hair loosening: You might notice handfuls of hair coming out in your hand when you are combing or washing it. It can happen right after an emotional or physical shock. This symptom is one of the beginning stages of hair loss that creates thinning but not bald patches.
  2. Hair thinning: One of the most frequent symptoms of Alopecia, it affects both men and women equally as age starts to set in. Men often find hair beginning to recede from the forehead, and women find the parting of their hair widening.
  3. Bald spots: Small, coin-sized patches of baldness show up on the scalp that becomes painful and itchy before hair fall. This is one of those symptoms which you should not ignore and must treat right away. Hair restoration services, however, can treat this condition.
  4. Scaling: Usually known as a sign for ringworm, you will notice redness and swelling on your scalp along with broken hair and even oozing, in this situation. This condition spreads fast over the entire scalp and needs immediate medical attention.

Top causes of hair loss

Hair loss is the result of a disrupt in the three stages of natural growth and shedding, called the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phase. You can also encounter hair loss when the hair follicle is destroyed entirely or replaced with scar tissue. It can happen from a few strands to handfuls depending on the following factors:

  • A side effect of strong medications.
  • Medical treatments like Chemotherapy.
  • Heredity.
  • Stress.
  • Excessive styling of hair and usage of chemicals.

Apart from these pointers, you can be at risk of hair loss because of your increasing age, diseases such as diabetes, and even a sudden yet significant loss in weight.

How to prevent hair loss

If your cause of hair loss is genetic, you must know that it cannot be prevented at all. What you can do is visit a hair transplantation clinic like Saraswat Hospital to get the best hair loss treatment India. However, if you recognize your symptoms to be anything other than being hereditary, you can take a few steps to prevent it. Some of those steps are:

  • Avoid extremely tight hairstyles and hot treatments.
  • Don’t twist or tug at your hair.
  • Gently wash and brush your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb for prevention.
  • Avoid extremely strong medications that might cause hair loss.
  • Protect your hair from harsh sunlight.
  • Say no to smoking.
  • Put on a cooling cap to reduce the risk of hair loss if you are undergoing Chemotherapy.

The ABHRS certified doctors at Saraswat Hospital

Saraswat Hospital is known to be the go-to place for the best hair transplant in India that has a strong team of ABHRS certified doctors to treat patients.

Dr. Satya Saraswat

Director of the hospital, Dr. Satya has a Gold Medal in plastic surgery. He is a D.N.B, M.Ch, and M.S. He has also been awarded by the Honorable Health Minister of India for his outstanding contribution to the field of medicine.

Dr. Preeti Saraswat

The Chief Clinical Cosmetologist of the hospital, Dr. Preeti is a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Clinical Cosmetology. A University of Greifswald alumni, she is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery as well.


Hair loss can come in unannounced and be the reason of you suffering from under-confidence and complexities in life. You can get in touch with Saraswat Hospital for the best hair transplant in India to achieve permanent and natural-looking results.

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