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An All-Inclusive Guide On Non-Shaven Hair Transplant Surgery

Published on September 2, 2019 | 1179 views


“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be”

Hair is a very attractive part of a person’s overall being as it can make or break anyone’s look. Good hair days are called so because they can uplift your confidence level by a huge amount. That is why most of you spend a lot of time using various products on the hair expecting immediate results. But that is right where you go wrong because too many products mean the usage of chemicals that aren’t suitable for the scalp and can cause hair loss instead. When you are experiencing frequent hair fall, one of the most reliable ways to treat it permanently is a hair transplant surgery.

What is non-shaven FUE?

Hair transplant procedures require shaving off the areas which are to be considered as the “recipient” and the “donor” sites, but not many of you are comfortable with that. Rightfully so! A shaved head would not only make the surgery obvious but also lower your confidence. Fortunately, there is good news for you.

If you are one of those who are reluctant to shave your head before the procedure or your hair strands are weak, and surgery between the hair strands is possible, your ABHRS certified surgeon might opt for a non-shaven FUE. This is a preferred option for patients where the harvest is limited to smaller areas. Through this procedure, the effect of a fuller and denser hair will be visible from the first sitting itself.

Similar to the original procedure for FUE or, Follicular Unit Extraction, the surgeon uses a punch device to extract hair follicles directly from the scalp. The hair transplant surgery, further, is done with the help of implanter pens where the Follicular grafts are inserted directly within the existing hair, one at a time.

Pros of a non-shaven FUE hair transplant surgery

Several advantages make the non-shaven FUE hair transplant surgery so prevalent. Some of them are:

1. You can avoid shaving completely.
2. You can also go for this procedure even if you have long hair.
3. There will be no visible signs of post-operative crust on the donor area.
4. The overall recovery time is shorter because the transplanted area is smaller.

Cons of a non-shaven FUE hair transplant surgery

Every process has two sides of it, and even though the list of benefits in opting for non-shaven hair transplant procedures is long, there are a few challenges you are about to face.

1. It is a complicated procedure and only experienced ABHRS certified doctors with adequate skill can perform it the best.
2. Since the maximum number of graft transplantation is less, the density is lower as well.
3. It takes a longer time than other hair transplant procedures.
4. It is labor-intensive and expensive in contrast to other methods.

Keeping in mind all these points, you must choose certified surgeons for the procedure. Saraswat Hospital, Agra has doctors who have years of surgical experience to administer these hair transplant procedures with the best results.

About the ABHRS certified doctors at Saraswat Hospital

As the Director of the hospital, Dr. Satya Saraswat is an M. Ch, M.S and D.N.B with a Gold Medal in Plastic Surgery. He has been awarded by the Honorable Health Minister of India as well.

The Chief Clinical Cosmetologist, Dr. Preeti Saraswat is a University of Griefswald, Germany pass-out where she has attained a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology.

Both these doctors are certified from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and members of ISHRS. Saraswat Hospital provides the best care by way of customized treatment plans according to the needs of the patients, making it the best place for hair transplant in India.


A procedure like non-shaven FUE can be helpful to all those people who are not able to shave their hair entirely for a hair transplant surgery but have to go for one anyway. Get in touch with Saraswat Hospital, the go-to place for hair transplant in India for a detailed analysis of your condition and book an appointment with the best doctors.

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