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Dos and Don’ts After a Laser Hair Removal Service

Published on October 11, 2022 | 1139 views

Dos and Don’ts After a Laser Hair Removal Service

Unwanted body hair is a challenge that all women have to face. It makes them feel underconfident and unattractive and stops them from wearing their favorite dress. Of course, there is no reason one should feel like this. But the society’s harsh standards for beauty often makes some people insecure. An easy solution to make yourself feel beautiful again is to opt for laser hair removal service. It significantly reduces your unwanted body hair and gives you smoother, hairless skin to flaunt.

Laser hair reduction is a safe, painless, and quick procedure. It gives effective results with minimal discomfort. Below, we look at some essential dos and don’ts to follow after a laser procedure.

What To Do?

  • Use a cold compress to cool down your skin

The laser beams heat up your skin and cooling it down can help you to ease some of the burning sensation post-procedure. Use a soft, gentle cloth dipped in old water and apply it to the affected part of your skin. Alternatively, you can also use an ice pack wrapped in a towel and apply it to the skin in case of any swelling or redness.

  • Take the medications as prescribed

If your cosmetologist has prescribed any cream or ointment to apply on the skin, make sure you do use it. Similarly, if there are any anti-inflammatory drugs been given to you, take them as instructed.

  • Shield your skin from the sun

You need to keep away from direct sun exposure for at least a month after the procedure. Your skin is still sensitive at this point and it can cause negative reactions. After the one-month period, make sure you apply lots of sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

  • Use lukewarm water

Only take showers using lukewarm water for at least two weeks. Getting in contact with hot water can irritate your laser-affected skin. So, remember to always bathe in lukewarm water.

  • Use chemical-free and fragrance-free products

Use only natural and organic products for cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing. You need to treat your skin with gentle care post a laser hair reduction service. Using aloe vera gel would be your best option.

What Not To Do?

  • Do not book your next laser hair removal session till 4 to 6 weeks are up. While multiple sessions are needed for effective results, give your skin the time to heal in between these sessions.
  • No waxing, tweezing, plucking or shaving for a minimum of 4 weeks after the procedure. It will irritate your sensitive skin.
  • Avoid going out into the sun for one month. The exposure may increase your chances of getting a skin tan, sun burn, or hyperpigmentation. Tanning creams should also be avoided.
  • Do not use any fragrant or perfumed products, such as deodorants, body mists, or perfumes. They will end up irritating the lasered skin.
  • Do not use any chemically harsh products, such as moisturizers, creams, or shower gels. They may contain harsh chemicals, which will cause a negative reaction to the skin.
  • Avoid using body scrubs or other exfoliating products for at least two weeks. They will be harsh on the sensitive skin.
  • Do not take any scalding hot showers for at least 7 days. Also avoid using any sauna, steam rooms, or the jacuzzi.
  • Do not dip into swimming pool. You must stay away from chlorine water and other harsh chemicals for at least a week.


Laser hair removal is a quick and effective procedure to permanently get rid of your unwanted body hair. At Saraswat Hospital in Agra, we have AAAM-certified cosmetologists who specialize in laser procedures. Patients need to follow the dos and don’ts instructions prost-procedure to get successful results.

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