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Busting the Most Common Myths About Acne

Published on July 25, 2022 | 1043 views

Busting the Most Common Myths About Acne

Acne is a common sight. Tiny or large swellings that look reddish and are quite painful, break out on your face and give you an undesirable appearance. Most people tend to prick it thinking it to be the end but sadly, it is not so. Bursting acne causes trauma to your skin and leaves behind dark spots, or what we commonly call acne scars. The most effective way to treat these acne scars is to opt for advanced acne scar treatment at a trusted and reliable cosmetic clinic such as Saraswat Hospital.

Sadly, there are a lot of myths related to acne surrounding us. Before opting for any treatment, it is important to get a clearer view on these myths and the facts behind them.

Top 7 Myths Vs Facts

Getting to the depths of the myths will reveal the facts that remain shrouded and should necessarily surface. Here are those common myths which must be busted!

# Myth 1: Pollution causes acne

This is quite a common belief but you need to know better. Acne occurs because of a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. Hormonal imbalances can also be held responsible for the acne outbursts but it is not the only reason. Moreover, keeping your skin safe from pollution is a good thing irrespective of the fact that it does not lead to acne.

# Myth 2: Unhealthy food habits trigger acne

People widely believe that excessive consumption of oily food items makes the skin unclear with clogged pores. This in turn leads to acne. But let us tell you that it is not so. Food items that have a high glycaemic index and dairy products give rise to acne eruptions. Research has shown that there is no link between oily food and acne outbursts.

# Myth 3: Acne eruptions are common only among teenagers

A man or a woman, a boy or a girl, all can get acne. There is neither any gender nor age for the acne outbursts. So, the belief that only teenagers suffer from painful acne outbursts is completely wrong. Adults in their 30s, 40s and even 50s suffer from the brunt of acne. At Saraswat Hospital, we provide acne scar treatment for individuals who are above the age of 18 years old.

# Myth 4: Blackheads are different from acne

You will be surprised to learn that blackheads are another form of acne. As for that matter, acne is an umbrella term for cysts, nodules, whiteheads, pustules and blackheads. All these look different but are categorised under acne. Please remember it is advisable that you do not touch them with unclean hands or tamper with them as it will cause you pain and might lead to severe scarring.

# Myth 5: Acne is a manifestation of a stressed mind

It might just be a coincidence that you get acne at the same time when you are stressed out. But there is no connection between the two. However, we can argue over this because when you are stressed out, your hormones might fluctuate and as a result, you suffer from acne outbursts. If you keep getting acne that causes you pain and embarrassment, get professional help immediately.

# Myth 6: Avoiding makeup on acne is good

There is nothing good or bad about applying cosmetic products to the acne. It is just that putting makeup on acne only hides it from glaring on your face. Doing so will not cause any harm or prevent a series of acne outbursts from occurring. However, it is important to remove the makeup before going to bed as it helps your skin to feel fresh and breathe.

# Myth 7: Scrubbing and cleansing can help acne to disappear

Yes, using a good face wash, a scrubber, a cleanser and a toner is a good skincare regime and keeps your skin replenished. But it certainly does not help the acne to subside or disappear. Especially using a scrubber might hurt the tender spots causing further swelling, pain and discomfort. If you really want the acne to leave your back, go for a specialised treatment.


Saraswat Hospital offers you safe and effective acne scar treatment at an affordable cost. The treatment diminishes acne scars and also the progress of the sessions reduces the acne outbursts. If you are tired of seeing acne and acne scars on your face, you must visit Saraswat Hospital and get professional guidance from their AAAM-certified experts.

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