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Who is the Best Candidate for a Body Hair Transplant India?

Published on June 22, 2021 | 1081 views

Best Candidate for a Body Hair Transplant India

If you didn’t know yet, the hair present in your underarms, pubic region, chest, and beard are ideal for a body to head hair transplantation procedure. This is when the donor follicles in your scalp aren’t enough to achieve the required results. When it comes to the body to head transplant, the beard and chest hair is the more viable. This technique is chosen by professionals when the patient is suffering from Norwood-Hamilton Grade 6 or Grade 7 baldness and requires full scalp coverage in one sitting. Body hair transplant India is performed by the ABHRS certified experts at Saraswat Hospital with successful results due to the 17+ years of experience they have in the field.

Why are Beard and Chest Hair Ideal for Body Hair Transplant?

When you don’t have enough hair on your scalp, the second and third-best option for a successful hair transplant surgery is your beard and chest hair. Now, the reason for choosing the beard above any other part is because the hair cycle on that area is similar to that of the scalp hair. This refers to the long antigen phase, a larger number of viable grafts, negligible formation of scar, and a thicker hair calibre. With beard hair follicle extraction, professionals can get around 3000 to 5000 grafts.

Chest hair, on the other hand, has high transaction rates. When compared to the beard, the antigens are relatively short as they tend to stay much longer in the shedding phase. Here, you might be left with some post-inflammatory hyper or hypo-pigmentation. The chest should be shaved around 7 days before the surgery to get the best results.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

The ideal candidate for a body hair transplant procedure is one who:

  1. Wants a full coverage of their scalp in one seating
  2. Have a poor donor area on the scalp
  3. Have a history of failed hair transplant and is left with a depleted donor site on the scalp
  4. Have retrograde scalp donor area thinning

As you consult the experts at Saraswat Hospital for a body hair transplant in India,you will be taken through a computerized hair and scalp Trichoscopy analysis that will determine if you are eligible for the procedure.

How is Body to Head Hair Transplant Surgery Performed?

The body to head hair transplant surgery is performed through the FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technique. Here, a sharply serrated punch is used for direct extraction of the individual follicular grafts from the donor area for minimal scarring. For faster-growing grafts, especially when the experts are using chest hair, the area needs to be shaved around 7 days before the surgery. The rest of the surgery, that is, the implantation procedure, is performed as it would have been for any other hair transplant technique.

Why Consult the Experts at Saraswat Hospital for the Surgery?

Saraswat Hospital is run by a team of experts certified by ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) that offers body hair transplant in India. The surgeons have over 17 years of experience and thus the expertise in providing customized surgery according to patient requirements.

Dr Satya Kumar Saraswat is an MBBS with MS, M.Ch, and DNB (Plastic Surgery) degrees to his credit. As a member of several international boards, Dr Saraswat has left his mark in the plastic surgery sector. He is known to specialize in various kinds of hair restoration surgeries and has also presented his take on a modified FUT technique at the 24th World Congress of ISHRS.

Dr Preeti Saraswat is an MBBS with a PGDCC degree from the University of Greifswald, Germany. She is known for the scalp micropigmentation treatments that she has been rendering to her patients over the years. She is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).

Conclusion: Body hair transplant is the ideal procedure chosen by experts when there is a dearth of viable donor grafts on the scalp for the surgery. Saraswat Hospital is a one of a kind aesthetic clinic run by professionals who use modern equipment to provide the best surgery in India. To know more on the subject, you can book a consultation with the experts by getting in touch with the team today.

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