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Brow Lift India

Published on November 30, 2018 | 912 views

Brow Lift

The Brow Lift is a popular procedure performed on both men and women to rejuvenate the appearance of the brow. Today there are more non-surgical treatments available than ever before when it comes to wiping off years aging from the forehead, that said, sometimes the best and most effective options for an individual may still be cosmetic surgery. While fine lines and creases caused by repetitive facial muscle movements and other types of lines and creases caused by a loss of volume, may be treated with dermal, more advanced signs of aging such as sagging and deeper wrinkles and creases may need a Brow Lift. The Brow Lift is performed typically using one or two different types of incisions, in a traditional brow lift, the incision is made along the inside of the hairline from ear to ear, while in an endoscopic brow lift (or mini-brow lift) the incision is much small, though still hidden in the hairline.

If you are tired of feeling self-conscious the signs of aging in your forehead and are interested in learning what types of rejuvenation are available to you, the pros and cons of each, and which may be best suited to your individual needs and goals, contact our office to schedule your consultation today. Ideal candidates are in good physical and mental health, non-smokers, with realistic expectations for the procedure process, recovery process, and potential results.

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