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What is the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Published on December 15, 2022 | 1042 views

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country. It has some incredible sights to see, amazing landscape, and delicious cuisine, making it a popular tourist destination across the world. Recently, there has been a trend of a lot of people from Europe, USA, and the Middle East choosing to have their hair transplant in Turkey. The country has many good doctors who are accredited and credentialed with premium organizations like American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and ISHRS members who are doing some great work.In this blog, we will be discussing about Hair Transplant in Turkey and the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey.

For some time now, we are seeing a lot of patients who have got their hair transplant done from a clinic in Turkey. Many are also confused about getting hair transplants in India or Turkey. Many times, we have seen that these patients have been promised a very new technique, something path-breaking which that particular clinic has devised, invented, or improvised to give world-class results. But the results definitely tell us a different story.

Techniques of Hair Transplant

Please remember that there are only two techniques to harvest the roots or the grafts from the donor side. These are FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Any advancement over these is not possible because then it signifies that another third method has been devised to extract the hair roots out.

Check, FUE or FUT: which is ideal for you.

There may be some modifications in the time interval in which the roots that have been extracted are implanted back. Or the grafts or the roots have been preserved in a special holding solution to increase their longevity. Or a different technique has been used to make the slits for the insertion, or a different insertion technique has been used. Please note that all these techniques are in use everywhere in the world, like hair transplants in India. If a clinic lures you or anyone else with a specialised technique, don’t forget to ask in detail.

Resources for Hair Transplant Research

If a clinic tells you of some new technique, then make sure to cross-reference those techniques with authentic websites like ISHRS. This is one of the most authentic websites belonging to our parent organization – the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery.

Average Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Regarding the cost of hair transplants in Turkey, please note that clinics offer these services from 1500 to 1800 Euros and up to six to seven thousand Euros depending on the number of grafts and the technique used.

Also, check per graft cost of hair transplant in India.

Factors deciding the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The onus is on all of us and the aspiring patients who plan to go for a hair transplant in Turkey to find out the qualifications and the credentials of the doctor who is going to perform the surgery. There are a lot of good doctors who are accredited and credentialed with premium organizations like American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and ISHRS members who are doing great work. But please do find out the name of the doctor. It is your right to ask for his or her certifications from the local medical governing council.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey will vary based on whether the doctor or the clinic is well credentialed, using the latest equipment, performing the majority of the procedure himself or herself, using specialized planning techniques like Trichoscopy, has a permanent team, and that the doctor or the clinic is not doing more than one or two hair transplants a day.

Caution while Deciding Hair Transplant in Turkey

It is seen that there is a trend where a single clinic is performing multiple surgeries in a single day. This is very surprising that so many procedures are performed on daily basis in a clinic. This definitely compromises with the personalized planning of a procedure with you, quality control which should be very strict in each of the hair transplant procedure, and the person who is performing. Many a times, it is seen that there are no doctors during the procedure. Please do inquire about all these factors.

Hair Transplant Surgery Packages in Turkey

Do not be impressed by the luring packages of five-day stay, hotel, pick and drop, and sightseeing. This is something you can definitely plan in a separate way and Turkey is a beautiful country where you can plan out this thing.

Best Clinics for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Choose a hair transplant clinic in Turkey which is doing the procedures in a limited number, ensuring the strictest quality controls, using the best equipment, maintaining the transparency about the number of grafts, where the doctors are credentialed and accredited, and there is a permanent team over there. It is also very important to ensure that the doctor has made long-term planning for you.

Sometimes what happens is, if there is a small recession of the hairline in your early 20s, you don’t need to plan out a hair transplant. You can definitely go for a medical treatment as well. If you go for an early hair transplant at an early age and your baldness, because of genetic and hormonal factors, progresses further backwards, then you may have a very odd picture of having the grafts in the front and a bald area behind and having no or very limited number of grafts in your donor side because they have been harvested excessively. So, it is very prudent and essential for you to discuss the long-term planning of your hair transplant with your treating doctor probably multiple times.

Consultation before booking Hair Transplant in Turkey

Since the time of COVID, a lot of doctors have started giving either free or paid consultations online. The free consultations are generally limited in number and time and a paid consultation goes on for much longer. So, you can opt for those consultations before actually booking your procedure and traveling to the country.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the above-discussed points should be kept in mind while considering the cost of hair transplant in Turkey. Please do choose a good clinic with a good doctor which is ensuring your hair transplant in a standardized and proper way.

If you choose to go and have a hair transplant in Turkey, it is important for you to get a better understanding of these crucial factors to be kept in mind. You must do due diligence before choosing a hair transplant in Turkey to get the best results post the procedure.

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