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What are the Causes and Treatment of a Failed Hair Transplant?

Published on April 14, 2022 | 1046 views

Causes and Treatment of a failed hair transplant

Hair transplants are a permanent way to get rid of Androgenetic Alopecia. It is favoured by many hair loss patients thanks to its natural-looking results. But sometimes, the inexperience of the hair transplant surgeon can lead to unpleasant results. Nothing feels worse than having to live with a bad hair transplant job. So, if you’re someone who is suffering from a failed hair transplant outcome, you may opt for a repair hair transplant in India.

Saraswat Hospital in Agra is a well-reputed clinic led by two ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery) certified doctors. Given the fairly significant cost of hair transplant in India, it is advised that you must always visit a doctor with high qualifications and credible experience. An incompetent doctor can result in unsuccessful hair transplant outcomes.

Causes behind a Failed Hair Transplant

Depleted Donor Area

A successful hair transplant should give natural-looking results. Hair follicles are extracted from the safe donor area of the patient’s head. But if the doctor is not careful enough during the procedure, it can lead to damaged follicles in the donor area. This can result in depleted hair in your donor area, making your hair look visibly thinner. A repair hair transplant would be a good fix for such a problem.

Improper Hairline

The most common complaint from a failed hair transplant is a badly executed frontal hairline that ends up looking very fake. Inexperienced doctors can sometimes draw up a hairline that’s placed too forward, thus, distorting the natural proportion of the patient’s face. When you get a repair hair transplant in India at Saraswat Hospital, you have ABHRS certified doctors doing the procedure. They specialize in crafting a frontal hairline that complements one’s natural features.

Wrong Angular Direction

To get natural-looking hair transplant results, the hair follicles must be implanted on your scalp at the right angle to match with your natural hair. The temporal hair should grow out in a downward angulation, while the frontal hair should grow in the anterior direction. Wrong angulation of your follicular units will lead to severely botched-up hair transplant results. The repair hair transplant in this case is about getting a revision surgery done.

Ridging on the Hairline

An important aspect of assuring natural-looking results is to place the hair grafts at an optimum distance from each other. Inexperienced surgeons often do the mistake of placing grafts too close to each other to ensure a higher density. This ends up creating a very unnatural appearance with bumps on the hairline. A repair hair transplant helps to undo these wrongs.

Treatment for a Failed Hair Transplant

The cost of hair transplant in India while significantly lesser than in other countries, it is still a substantial amount. So, when you choose a doctor and a clinic, always opt for a reputed hair transplant clinic that has well-qualified surgeons.

For patients who suffered the results of a failed hair transplant, they can always opt for a repair hair transplant procedure. It is like a corrective surgery that covers up all the mistakes done in the previous surgery. So, the patient must make sure they find credible and qualified doctors for their treatment.

Saraswat Hospital, located in Agra, is undoubtedly one of the best clinics for undergoing repair hair transplant in India. It is run by Dr. Satya Saraswat and Dr. Preeti Saraswat, both of whom are certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). They are leading experts in the field and come with more than 17 years of experience. Visit the hospital for a consult with leading hair restoration experts.

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