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What do You Need to Know About Repair Hair Transplant India?

Published on October 8, 2020 | 1088 views

Repair Hair Transplant in India

If you are someone who has already suffered from balding hair or hair thinning, you may have often encountered products that claim to be a solution the same. However, they are not only temporary but also leave side-effects. The only ideal solution to hair loss or Androgenetic Alopecia is hair transplant surgery. Having said that, with the number of doctors increasing to perform the surgery, not many people are qualified enough to choose the good from the bad and end up with less than satisfactory results. This takes us to what is known in the medical field as “repair hair transplant!” Today, let us take this opportunity and know what repair hair transplant surgeries are all about!

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is the best way to treat Androgenetic Alopecia (commonly known as hair loss), permanently. Through this procedure, the expert takes hair from the safe donor area (back of the head) and then implants them to the balding area. This aesthetic procedure is primarily done in two techniques – Linear Excision Method (also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation) and the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE).

Having said so, if the hair transplant India procedure is undergone by professionals who are not skilled enough, the two most common aesthetic problems the patient might face are:

  1. A progressive hair loss in the future
  2. The unsightly appearance of the hair plugs

So, if you have recently undergone hair transplantation and are facing any of these situations, you are suffering from botched up results and would immediately need to consult an experienced surgeon for repair hair transplant.

So, what is a repair hair transplant?

Repair hair transplant India is the best way to get rid of a botched up hair transplant by performing another surgery on the patient. Most of the times, due to the previously performed bad transplant surgery, there are no healthy hair follicular grafts left on the safe donor area. However, experts in the field make use of follicles from special areas of the body to perform the treatment and deliver results.

Using a round-punch excision plug with the FUE method, one can easily manage the appearance of the unsightly results of the transplant. Keep it in mind that if you are a patient who is prone to stretch-out scars, the condition can recur, even after being treated under the best circumstances. Consulting a professional hair transplant surgeon would allow you to have a complete overview of your condition and how a repair hair transplant would be able to help you.

When do you need a repair hair transplant?

When you have a botched up hair transplant, the only thing that you think of is how to fix everything and make it look natural. So, let us take a look at the signs of a botched up hair transplant surgery:

Depleted Donor 

The success of a hair transplant depends on the natural-looking results, efficient donor hair follicles usage, and adequate coverage. Especially when you are treating baldness in patients, the efficient use of donor follicles is crucial. Having said that, if the doctor performing the surgery did not do it carefully, the donor area might be depleted or damaged, making the hair out there look visibly thinner. Through repair hair transplant, professionals would take hair follicles from the body to perform another procedure on your donor area.

Improper Hairline 

Since hair transplant is aesthetic surgery, it must look absolutely natural. Most of the cases, inexperienced doctors fail to explain the procedure and thus the execution is also ruined. The patients end up having a frontal hairline that is placed too forward, making it look fake. The results of the surgery, thus, might even distort the natural proportion of the patient’s face. ABHRS certified surgeons would be able to mark the best hairline that would look good according to the patient’s facial features. In this case, repair hair transplant would mean micro-punch excision where the grafts would be removed and then re-implanted for best results.

Wrong Angular Direction 

Transplant surgery usually leaves natural-looking results where the new hair growth happens in the same angle of your natural hair. However, what not many people know is that happens because of the way the professional has placed the follicles. Incorrect angulation of the follicular units would make your finished look fail drastically. The temporal hair needs to have a downward angulation and the frontal hair should have an anterior direction. Repair hair transplant India, in this case, is mostly about revision surgery.

Ridging on the Hairline 

An extremely common complication caused by an inexperienced hair transplant surgeon is ridging on the hairline. This is caused by placing larger grafts close together to ensure a higher density. The result is an unpleasant bump that looks completely unnatural. The expert surgeon would be able to place each graft at a proper distance from each other for the best results.

Low Density

Doctors who are inexperienced tend to use most of the healthy hair follicles and end up with bad results and specifically, low density. In such scenarios, when it comes to the repair hair transplant, the professionals take hair from other parts of the body say the chest or the legs and use them to be transplanted to the balding area.

Bad FUT Scars

Strip surgery has been one of the most widely used options when it comes to hair transplantation but the biggest disadvantage is the huge scar that it leaves on the donor site, if not performed correctly. When it comes to repairing the scar, professionals tend to use Scalp Micropigmentation and ensure that such bad FUT scars are well hidden, along with providing natural looking results.

ABHRS certified doctors performing the same

It is thus, always recommended, that you contact professionals when suffering from a bad hair transplant because only their experience and expertise in the subject can save you from the horrors and give you natural-looking results. One of the best places in India that can offer you repair hair transplant is Saraswat Hospital, Agra. Situated in the city of love, the hospital is run by two of the most efficient and renowned American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified surgeons, Dr Preeti Saraswat and Dr Satya Saraswat.

Dr Preeti Saraswat is a well-renowned Clinical Cosmetologist who had completed her PGDCC from the University of Greifswald, Germany. She has a specialization in laser treatments and has been practising for over a decade, ensuring customized care to all her patients.

Dr Satya Saraswat is a Gold Medalist surgeon who practices in places across Delhi NCR and abroad with an MBBS, MS, MCh, and DNB degrees to his credit. He specializes in repair and celebrity hair transplant and is one of the very few doctors eligible to perform the UGraft™ punch method for best results.

Conclusion: Repair hair transplant is an ideal way to take care of your botched up hair transplant if you visit professionals who are experienced in the treatment. Saraswat Hospital, Agra, runs on state of the art architecture and uses modern equipment for hair transplant India to ensure optimum results. Should you want to book an appointment with the experts, you can give the hospital a call at +91-9258386320 or +91-9690039999.

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