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No more Eyebrow pencils
Eyebrows can make a


to How You Look and Feel.

They frame the shape of your face. Nicely shaped eyebrows not only are gaze stoppers but also accentuate beautiful shape of the eyes and lift the face giving it a pleasing oval dimension which we all aspire.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows are the most


in Semi Permanent Makeup.

Add perfect shape and lift to your eyebrows

Add Hi-Defintion realistic hair strokes to sparse or over-plucked brows – throw the brow pencils

Redefine your look and frame your face with beautifully shaped eyebrows

Who can benefit from
semi permanent eyebrows?

If your eyebrows are sparse or indeed badly plucked or over-plucked

If you have fair/blonde eyebrows and find that pencil wears off quickly.

If you have suffered from alopecia.

If you have undergone chemotherapy.

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