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Harvesting Stem Cells: Processing

Stem cell-assisted lipotransfer found that liposuction-aspirated fat has approximately half the number of ASCs compared to surgically excised whole fat. Ths relative deficiency is due to following:

  1. A major portion of the ASCs is located around large vessels and is usually left in the donor site due to liposuction technique limitations of cellular extraction
  2. Some of the ASCs are lost, being present in the infranatant of lipoaspirates.

There are a number of fat -processing techniques to include gravity separation, decanting, centrifuge separation, washing, filtering and combination techniques.

Stem cells are separated from fat cells in high-speed stem cell centrifuge machine where centrifugal force separates dormant stem cells from harvested fat.

Dr Kotaro Yoshimura proposed that the short term survival rate of aspirated adipose grafts per volumetric unit after centrifugation increased with centrifugal forces up to 3000 g-force. Generally older fat cell are relatively larger in size than younger fat cells The smaller cell sizes are in majority in the condensed fat from centrifugation.

Washing: One of the simplest and yet most efficacious methods for fat processing is preparing the lipoaspirate by washing with normal saline.

Stem Cell Preparation

There are a number of manufacturers marketing devices for the complete preparation of adipose derived stem cells which include liposuction separation of fat and stem cells using centrifugation, purification of stem cells using collagenase enzyme disruption of fat cells, washing and cell counting of the final product. The stromal vascular fraction of the fat harvesting specimen contains the adipose -derived stem cells.

We at Saraswat Hospital use the Enzymatic degradation method using Collagenase Enzyme.

Dr Satya Saraswat with Prof. Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura at IFATS 2104 Amsterdam.
M. D. of Dept of Plastic Surgery
Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr Kotaro has been a constant guiding force in our this endeavor.