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Long Hair Transplant Clinic in India

The aesthetic quality results of long hair transplantation or non-shaven FUE shows immediately after the procedure just been finished.

In preview hair transplantation, the patients and their relatives are often much happier because they see actual results with hair volume even though they know that the final result will be seen only several months later.

At Saraswat Hospital, a reputable long hair transplant clinic in India, to achieve a definitive final result similar to the preview result, we depend not only on excellent technique but also on the patient’s personal factors that influence growth, some of which may not be understood or predictable.

Preview Transplantation seems to reduce a patient’s anxiety of waiting for the final result, so commonly found in the traditional shaved hair transplantation. The fact that they have already seen how much better they may look with more hair, and that the transplant looks natural, beautiful, non-pluggy, seems to make them wait in a much more relaxed attitude for the final result.

The chronological time between surgery and the final, definitive result is the same in both methods, but the sensation of the elapsed time is shorter. At our long hair transplant clinic in India, through preview transplantation, we aim to change hair transplantation from a “wait and see” to a “see and wait” concept.