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Cosmetic Phalloplasty India

Free Fat Graft for Cosmetic Phalloplasty

The penis is universally accepted as a symbol of male power, dominance and virility. Attempts at enlargement parallel human history. Understanding the deep psychological meaning of penis size can not be overemphasized. Size is often a perception problem, and distortion can lead to lack of self image and confidence with abnormal social development like participation in sports, military service even leading to depression and suicide. There is nothing more devastating to self esteem than penile size ridicule especially in adolescent and young adults and especially by the opposite sex. Being outside the social norm is called “psychosocial morbidity” e.g klinefelter’s syndrome. This is most serious and not to be taken lightly.

Rationale for CPS

In the hands of serious surgeon Dr Satya saraswat at Saraswat Hospital Agra is committed to serve his patients in the utmost dedicated way, it is a very viable procedure.

The rationale for FFG for CPS meets the criteria for a cosmetic procedure.

  1. The benefits outweigh the risks
  2. Relatively easy procedure
  3. Fat is an ideal graft material It is
    • Nonantigenic
    • Noninfective
    • Well tolerated
    • Abundant
    • Easily harvested
  4. Serious complications are rare
  5. Extremely satisfying to patient and surgeon
  6. Success rate is very high, approaching 96%

Stem Cell -Assisted Fat Transfer to the Penis

Adipose tissue Extraction

The fat is extracted from the pubic area, the internal and external thigh area, the abdomen and sometimes the buttocks. These areas are rich in adipose tissue with alpha2 receptors that are not sensitive to diet and variations in weight as opposed to adipose tissue beta1 receptors, resulting in better retention of the graft over time. Between 40 and 70 mL of fat is extracted.

Adipose Tissue is treated by Yoshimura Technique

Fat implantation is done via two entry points

Two entry points located in the ventral and distal parts of the penis body, in the preputial skin or the balano -preputial fold. These entry points in the balano-preputial fold, just below the glans in a good anatomical approach. The base of penis is used for entry of transplant at its pubic angle.

The usual amount transferred is 50-70 mL on following occasion 70% of the previous amount is transferred The results are very satisfying.