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Calf Augmentation India

Calf Augmentation for men or women is designed to create a more contoured, natural-looking leg.

It involves either:

  1. Inserting a solid, silicone shape into a pocket which is surgically created over the calf muscle.
  2. Injection of Fat harvested from Abdomen or thighs and injected into the Calf.

Calf implants first became popular with bodybuilders whose calf muscles had failed to develop adequately with exercise. Since then, who are bothered by thin or shapeless calves have chosen surgical calf augmentation. The procedure involves the placement of an implant deep under the thick tissue beneath the skin and fat of the leg. Virtually undetectable, implants can increase the bulk and add to the contour of the calf area.

Calf implants are made of soft silicone molded into solid shapes. The variety of available shapes and sizes allows to choose implants that will complement the shape of your legs according to your goals for the procedure. Calf augmentation with implants generally takes up to two and a half hours to perform, either with local anesthetic and intravenous sedation or under general anesthesia.