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Buttock Lift India

Improve the appearance of the gluteal area (buttocks).

Buttock Recontouring


  1. Buttock Lipofilling with adipose Tissue Enriched with regenerative Cells
  2. Hyaluronic-based Fillers
  3. Gluteus Prostheses

The indications for this intervention are directed to patients of both sexes and races. The indications are directed towards all those case in which the lifting and remodeling of the gluteus along with the liposuction of the surrounding area will bring satisfaction.

Imaging that the gluteus is subdivided into four quadrants. the remodeling of the gluteus can be mainly indicated for the augmentation of volume of the upper quadrants of hips which often are less prominent or empty and need a major projection. Contextually. however it is the surgeon who evaluates and comprehends the area to remodel after a careful evaluation of the patient in a proper standing position. The idea being to obtain the ideal spherical form. In some cases there may be asymmetry. for example in the area of the point 4 or only of the deficit of the point 4. The classification of the shape of the gluteus will help us better understand the indication for the intervention.


Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Grafting to Buttocks

Buttock enhancement should be thought of as part of body contouring to give the balanced and properly proportioned anatomy. Body proportions will dictate if one is having an attractive & desirable figure.

There are two primary means of buttock augmentation: implants and autologous fat grafting.

Fat distribution is a key in achieving well-defined buttock volume and shape.

The initial part of buttock enhancement procedure begins with sculpting a frame for the buttock through lipocontouring of the lower back, hips, lateral & medial thighs and the infragluteal thigh. This being achieved, the aspirated fat may be utilized to augment. shape and correct any detected irregularities or asymmetry. Adipose Derived Stem cell enhanced fat grafting technique has lesser complications, greater flexibility, natural appearing outcome. and lasting results that are associated with good patient satisfaction.

Buttock implants

Buttocks implants, also called gluteal implants, improves the size and appearance of the buttocks by placing silicone implants under, in between or above the gluteal muscle producing a cosmetic enhancement.


The implant may need to be removed and/or replaced to treat problems including: implant rupture, formation of scar tissue around the implant (capsular contraction), which may cause the gluteus to feel tight or hard, bleeding, infection and implant displacement.


Patients must sit as little as possible for the first 72 hours after surgery and should lie face down or stand up most of the time. They can start sitting down but putting their weight on the back of their thighs rather than on their gluteal area. Some doctors may recommend special devices for sitting down for the first 10 to 15 days after surgery. The patient should wear a tight garment on the gluteal area and should not do any exercise or lift weight for several weeks. The patient should not consume alcohol after surgery. Alcohol consumption may be resumed after three weeks. Bruising and swelling will be gone after few weeks.


The outcome varies from patient to patient; however, the overall effect is the enhancement of the gluteus (buttocks) size for an improved appearance. Stem Cell Enhanced Fat Grafting to Buttocks harvested from Abdomen or thighs used for Buttock Augmentation is more popular than Silicone Implants.